PHOTOS: Every Disney100 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Collection Item (with Prices) at Disneyland Resort

The new Disney100 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit collection has arrived at Disneyland Resort, soon after its release at Walt Disney World. We found the collection at the Emporium in Disneyland and at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

Oswald AOP Button-Up – $59.99

We got a sneak peek of this button-up in shopDisney’s original announcement about the Oswald collection.

It’s white with an all-over pattern of Oswald’s black ears. “Oswald” is embroidered in blue block letters on the left breast, with “The Lucky Rabbit” embroidered in white below.

Oswald Pullover Sweatshirt – $59.99

This pullover is white with Oswald drawing a curvy blue line across it.

The design is embroidered.

A logo for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is on the back.

Oswald Ear Headband – $34.99

The ear headband is all black, with two stiff rabbit ears sticking out of the top.

“Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” is embroidered in white on the side.

Oswald Cropped Tee – $39.99

This shirt is blue with a small image of Oswald and Ortensia the cat on the chest.

Oswald holds a white flower up in front of Ortensia.

Oswald Bottle – $29.99

This water bottle features Oswald from his “Sky Scrappers” cartoon.

He puffs out his chest and the name of the short is around him.

Near the cap is “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit staring in…”

The bottle is 40 oz / 1200 ml.

Oswald Pillow – $39.99

This throw pillow is shaped like Oswald’s head, complete with his ears and embroidered face.

Oswald Plush – $34.99

This plush depicts Oswald playing his banjo and singing.

“Disney100” is embroidered on his lucky rabbit foot.

Oswald Diffuser – $59.99

This diffuser depicts a determined-looking Oswald driving a silver car down a country road.

The diffuser includes a USB cord and, when in use, makes it look like steam is rising out of the front of the car.

Oswald Button-Up – $54.99

This button-up is light blue and features Oswald’s ears on the breast pocket.

On the back is Oswald playing his banjo with the title card for “Rival Romeos.”

Oswald Shorts – $44.99

These matching shorts have Oswald’s ears on the left leg and his name on the right.

The shorts have pockets.

The waist is elastic.

Oswald Desk Lamp – $59.99

Upgrade your work-from-home setup with this USB-powered lamp. It’s black, with Oswald’s ears sticking out of the top, above the lightbulb.

Oswald Throw Blanket – $59.99

The throw blanket is striped red and blue.

It features the same image of Oswald and title card for “Rival Romeos” as the shirt above.

Oswald Pullover – $44.99

This blue pullover is inspired by “Sky Scrappers.” Oswald is on the chest with the film’s name, including a skyline rising from the word “sky.”

On the back, Oswald is riding a horse.

“Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” is on one sleeve.

Oswald Tote – $39.99

Like the throw, the tote is blue and red-striped. Once again, Oswald appears with his banjo with the “Rival Romeos” logo.

Music notes fly around the title card.

The bag has black handles and a black interior. The main pocket has no zipper or snap, but there is a small zip pocket inside.

The other side of the bag is also striped, but just features the Oswald logo with his ears.

Oswald Hoodie – $64.99

The pullover hoodie is heather gray with a drawstring hood.

Oswald is pictured on the front, seeming to climb out of a hole.

His legs stick out of another hole in the back.

Oswald Tee – $34.99

The T-shirt features the same design as the hoodie, but against a solid black background.

Oswald Ear Hat – $27.99

If you prefer ear hats to ear headbands, then you’re in luck! This Oswald ear hat is all black, with Oswald peeking out of the front, just like on the hoodie and tee.

The ears on top stay standing up straight.

It has an elastic neck strap.

“Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” is embroidered in white on one side.

Oswald Mug – $19.99

The mug is blue and again, Oswald is leaning out of a “hole” in the side. This time, he’s punched right through the logo for Walt Disney Studios at Hyperion, Hollywood.

The inside is white with Oswald’s name in black on the rim.

Oswald’s legs hang out of the other side of the mug. It is 21 oz / 595 ml.

The Disney100 Decades Collection will also be available soon.

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