‘Steamboat Willie’ Loungefly, Ear Headband, & Musical Boat Set Arrive as Latest Additions to the 1920s Decades Collection at Disneyland

Some items from the first Disney100 Decades Collection, inspired by the 1920s and “Steamboat Willie”, are now available at Disneyland Resort. We found the Loungefly mini backpack, ear headband, and musical boat set in the Emporium at Disneyland park.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

This black and white Loungefly mini backpack has a film reel on the front that actually spins to show different images from “Steamboat Willie” in each of its different rings.

“Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie” is at the center of the reel.

The rest of the backpack is patterned all over with images of a gray Mickey and the Loungefly’s straps look like blank strips of film.

The Loungefly mini backpack is also available at Walt Disney World.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Ear Headband for Adults – $39.99

The fronts of the ears have silkscreened images of Mickey Mouse at the wheel and Pete confronting Mickey on twill fabric. The edges of the ears and headband are trimmed in white twisted nautical cording. The ears also include various 3-D plastic elements, like a musical note and life preserver.

The backs of the ears feature Mickey in the middle of a life preserver and an image of the steamboat with more 3-D notes. Black twill covers the outside of the headband and non-slip black velour covers the inside. A “Disney100 Decades” tag is attached to the back.

The ear headband is also available at Walt Disney World.

Steamboat Willie Musical Boat – Disney100 – $59.99

This toy set is inspired by vintage tin toys of the 1920s. It includes a reproduction of the steamboat, which plays “Turkey in the Straw,” the tune Mickey is famously whistling at the beginning of the film.

The character figures in the set are Mickey, Minnie, a cow, and a goat.

The smokestacks of the boat move up and down. The music and movement are activated by a custom die-cast wind-up key that looks like a “Steamboat Willie” sign.

More of the Disney100 1920s Decades Collection is available on shopDisney. The Disney100 1930s Decades Collection, which will be released on March 20, is inspired by “The Band Concert.”

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