Typos Fixed on Indiana Jones Adventure Signs at Disneyland

The error-ridden signs on the construction walls outside Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland have been replaced.

The previous version of this “Notice!” sign read: “No items may be removed from this sight [SIC] without written persmission [SIC] from Dr. Henry W. Jones, or the Board of Regents of the Archeology Department, Redford[SIC], Connecticut.”

It now reads: “No items may be removed from this site without written permission from Dr. Henry W. Jones, or the Board of Regents of the Archaeology Department.”

“Sight” has been replaced with “site” and “persmission” has been replaced with “permission.” “Redford, Connecticut” (the town should have been Bedford) was removed entirely. Disney also replaced “archeology” with “archaeology,” both technically correct spellings of the word.

The second sign, written by Indy’s friend Sallah, only had one error, reading, “with and [SIC] opportunity to partake.” “And” has been correctly replaced with “an.”

Indiana Jones Adventure will reopen this spring, possibly with “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” content. The refurbishment will include a new audio-animatronic for the King Cobra within the Temple of Mara in addition to much-needed TLC for a number of effects that have been rendered inoperable since the attraction opened 27 years ago.

While the typos on these signs were relatively minors detail that could go unnoticed, the new series of Disney100 banners featured a number of grammar, spelling, and factual mistakes that left guests wondering how much thought went into the centennial celebration decor. Four of the Disney100 banners have been replaced to properly honor the milestones represented throughout the 100 Years of Wonder celebration. The platinum Mickey statue featuring an incorrect Walt Disney quote was also removed, presumably to be replaced in the coming days.

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” is scheduled to be released on June 30 as the fifth and final Indiana Jones movie. The official trailer and artwork for the film debuted in December.

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