VIDEOS: TikTok Clout Chasers Eat Bread Bowl While on Incredicoaster and Drink Splash Mountain Water at Disneyland Resort

UPDATE: The original videos are no longer available because the TikTok user has changed their account to private. The Splash Mountain video is still available to view via stitched videos, and we’ve embedded one below.

Two viral videos are circulating from Disneyland Resort this weekend, both shared by TikTok user @cicknage123, of one guest eating a bread bowl on the Incredicoaster and another drinking water from Splash Mountain.

Food isn’t allowed on rides, but this guest managed to get her mostly-whole bread bowl onto the Incredicoaster and takes multiple bites while riding the coaster (though not all of the bread stays in her mouth).

At Splash Mountain, the videographer behind the first video (he’s wearing the same blue sweatshirt) says, “Literally, I’m so thirsty,” before scooping up some water from the trough next to the log flume he’s sitting in and drinking it.

We obviously don’t recommend either activity as you could choke on food while riding a roller-coaster and consume dangerous chemicals (or even human ashes that are sometimes scattered on Disneyland attractions) from Splash Mountain water. Disney frowns upon these actions and may take action against guests for doing so.

Splash Mountain water has become a bit of a commodity as people are selling bottles of it from the Magic Kingdom version of the attraction on eBay. Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain permanently closed in January to become Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Demolition has already begun.

A closing date has not been announced for Splash Mountain at Disneyland, but it’s rumored to close in May 2023.

Read the complete history of Splash Mountain at Disney Parks.

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