Guest Attempting to Ride Every Disney Ride at All 12 Parks in 12 Consecutive Days

A guest is attempting to ride every Disney ride currently operating at all 12 Disney Parks around the world in 12 consecutive days.

This attempt by Nathan Firesheets, a.k.a. @A_Coaster_Story on Twitter, has gained more publicity thanks to a tweet from Mercedes Lois Gleeson of his backpack. A sign on Nathan’s backpack reads “I’m riding every ride at all 12 Disney Parks in 12 days” with a list of the parks, #DisneyGlobalRideChallenge, and QR codes for his Twitter and YouTube channel.

Nathan has already completed the Parkeology Challenge (riding every ride at a single Disney resort) seven times: five times at Disneyland Resort and twice at Walt Disney World Resort. Half of those times, he did it without FastPass (the challenges were completed prior to the launch of Lightning Lane). In 2019, he completed the first-ever #EveryRideCoastToCoast, riding all 94 rides at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World within 36 hours.

A “ride” for these types of challenges is usually defined as any attraction that moves, so Carousel of Progress would count but Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln would not. But Nathan has also visited every Disneyland Resort attraction in one day.

Prior to five years ago, Nathan had only visited a Disney park 11 times in his life.

source: @A_Coaster_Story

As of March 9, Nathan has already completed the first leg of this latest challenge, riding all 28 rides at the two Disneyland Paris parks. He is now on his way to Shanghai Disney Resort.

Nathan has been sharing selfies aboard every ride. Follow along with his journey on his Twitter account.

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