PHOTOS, VIDEO: Mickey’s House and Movie Barn Reopens for Self-Guided Tours and Meet and Greet in Reimagined Mickey’s Toontown

The reimagined Mickey’s Toontown has officially opened and guests are once again invited to tour Mickey’s house up-close-and-personal with a self-guided tour and a meet and greet opportunity.

Watch Our Full Meet & Greet and Walkthrough of Mickey's House and Movie Barn:

Guests are met at the front of the house with a sign that invites families to the movie barn to meet with Mickey after meandering through his home and backyard.

Watch Our Full Meet & Greet and Walkthrough of Mickey's House and Movie Barn:

The sign reads: “Hi friends! I’m filming in my Movie Barn. To find me there, go through my house, Hope to meet you real soon! Mickey.”

The door opens to show Mickey’s bursting closet and a gate at the bottom of the steps with a silhouette of Pluto.

Mickey's House and Movie Barn - Disneyland Toontown - March 2023

Mickey’s memo pad lies next to the telephone for taking down any messages, but if you can’t make it to the phone, his answering machine stands at the ready.

Using his “Memo from Mickey” pad, it appears Mickey has prepared a to-do list for the day and has already crossed off every item on his list, including:

  1. Wake up at 5 a.m.
  2. Mousersize
  3. Play with Pluto
  4. Eat a Balanced Breakfast
  5. Water Lawn
  6. Call Minnie
  7. Be in Movie Barn by 6:30 a.m.
  8. Open Barn to Greet Guests

In a curio cabinet, a collection near and dear to Mickey’s heart sits on display. Among the collection is a picture of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney.

Two more pictures line the mantle of Mickey’s fireplace. Frames throughout the house help to illustrate Mickey’s long and prosperous life.

Near the laundry room, a dartboard is hung. Be sure to keep an eye out for flying darts, though, as it looks like someone’s aim might be off.

A number of sports trophies line one of the many shelves that give a glimpse into Mickey’s everyday life.

In the backyard, Pluto’s dog house and a lively garden take up much of the space.

Guests will probably want to hurry through Mickey’s Movie Barn to find the beloved occupant, but there is still plenty to see along the way.

Props, costumes, and movie memorabilia of all sorts can be found inside Mickey’s Movie Barn.

It appears the multi-talented Mickey Mouse is in the process of painting this landscape scene as towers of paint cans topple in all directions.

No doubt, this collection of film reels feature the famed mouse, himself.

A sign indicates that Mickey is on set nearby! A quick visit to the screening room is in order along the way.

In the screening room, guests are treated to special screenings of Mickey and his pals.

Posters line the walls of Mickey’s screening room, including this classic poster for “Steamboat Willie.”

Our time has come to visit Mickey on set inside the Movie Barn and he sure looks happy to see us!

Mickey's House and Movie Barn - Sorcerer Mickey

Guests catch up with Mickey as he appears to be filming his next adventure as Sorcerer Mickey. What a perfect opportunity for a photo op!

The set features all of the equipment needed for Mickey’s latest film project. Mickey’s script for “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” sits on his make-up table nearby.

Watch Our Full Meet & Greet and Walkthrough of Mickey’s House and Movie Barn:

Mickey Mouse’s House and Movie Barn, and the entirety of Mickey’s Toontown, has reopened this weekend after an extensive reimagining. Donald’s boat has also reopened as Donald’s Duck Pond and, right next door is the newly-reimagined Goofy’s How-to-Play Yard. If you’re feeling peckish, stop in for a quick bite at Café Daisy, where Daisy Duck herself has been making her own surprise appearances. Check out our full tour of the reimagined Toontown, featuring updates to nearly every aspect of the land.

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