PHOTOS, VIDEO: Pete Appears for First Character Meet and Greet in Reimagined Mickey’s Toontown

The reimagined Mickey’s Toontown has officially opened and Mickey and all his friends are appearing in the town again. Pete is now appearing for his first-ever character meet and greet.

Pete is wearing a blue shirt with denim overalls.

He can be spotted wandering Mickey’s Toontown with Cast Member handlers.

Pete is a long-standing character in the Disney universe. He first appeared in the 1925 Alice comedy short film called “Alice Solves the Puzzle,” where he was known as “Bootleg Pete.” This early version of Pete was a villainous bear who frequently got into trouble with the law.

In 1928, Pete was reimagined as a cat (a natural enemy of the mouse) and appeared in the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, “Steamboat Willie.” In this cartoon, Pete was the captain of the steamboat that Mickey worked on, and he played the role of the antagonist.

Over the years, Pete has appeared in various Disney cartoons and has had different roles, from a villain to a friend of Mickey’s. He is usually portrayed as a bumbling and comical character, but he can also be devious and cunning. In the 1930s cartoons, he had a peg leg and was known as Peg Leg Pete, but this feature was mostly phased out.

Watch our video of Pete walking through Toontown in the Tweet below.

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