BREAKING: HBO Nearing Deal for 7-Season Harry Potter Series

According to reporting from Bloomberg, HBO is close to a deal for a new 7-season Harry Potter television series, bringing the wizarding world back to the screen for a retelling of the tale of the boy who lived.

Each of the seven seasons will take a reimagined look into the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter book franchise. According to a knowledgeable source who spoke with Bloomberg, each season will be dedicated to just one of seven books. In its new television format, writers will be able to expand on more of the details that were ultimately cut from the original film series.

Author J.K. Rowling “will be involved in the series to ensure it remains loyal to her original material but will not run the show day to day or serve as its primary creator,” reports Bloomberg. The author green-lit the original Warner Bros. movie franchise, a stage play adaptation, and the rides featured in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, but she has not yet agreed to a television or streaming adaptation of her work.

The reimagined Harry Potter television series comes as a renewed effort from HBO and its parent company Warner Bros. to return and expand upon some of its most popular material. Its source material, J.K. Rowling’s original book series, has sold 600 million copies translated into 85 languages over 25 years, becoming an all-time bestseller.

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