New Disney Parks Starbucks Coffeehouse Collection Arrives at Disneyland Resort

A new Disney Parks Starbucks Coffeehouse collection has arrived at Disneyana, linking Disneyland Resort and Starbucks with a colorful new line of merchandise perfect for those that like to start park days with a little bit of caffeine.

Geometric Starbucks Tumbler with Straw – $49.99

This geometrically textured tumbler features an ombre gradient design, featuring red near the top that shifts to hues of pink and then a deep purple at the bottom.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is featured on a flat panel in the tumbler’s center. The castle appears in white with yellow and pink features. The Disneyland logo is printed to the right of the castle in a matching yellow.

On the opposite side, the Starbucks Siren logo is etched in an oval pattern.

Both the screw-top lid and reusable straw also feature the geometric pattern, adding some texture to the new Disneyland tumbler as part of the Disney Parks Starbucks Coffeehouse collection.

Porcelain Starbucks Tumbler – $27.99

For those who prefer their beverages hot, this new Disney and Starbucks Collection features a new ceramic tumbler that guests have come to love from previous collections.

Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland Resort logo are front and center of this pink porcelain mug. Circles, starbursts, and Mickey silhouettes surround the castle in maroon and shades of pink.

The Starbucks logo is printed vertically on the opposite side. This porcelain tumbler comes with a plastic maroon lid that slides open and shut.

Stainless Steel Starbucks Bottle – $34.99

If you like to fluctuate between hot and cold, a stainless steel bottle has also debuted at Disneyland as part of the new collection. Like the others, this bottle features Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland Resort logo at the center.

Ribbons of shimmering gold stars, forming moon shapes, surround the castle. The new stainless steel bottle features a blend of pink and purple throughout.

A small Starbucks siren medallion is withdrawn into the bottom of the new Disney Parks Starbucks bottle.

The stainless steel bottle features a wider mouth and a screw top.

Tall Starbucks Travel Mug – $29.99

A double-walled travel mug adds geometric triangles to the pinks and purples that are signature to the collection. This time, Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland Resort logo are printed on their own clear outer shell, while a layer of interlocking triangles of various pink and purple patterns sits below.

The white Starbucks logo is printed on the opposite side, standing out from the interlocking triangle base.

This travel mug comes with a twisting purple lid.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Starbucks Tote Bag – $24.99

This Sleeping Beauty Castle Starbucks tote bag features the Disneyland icon and Disneyland Resort logo above the same geometric pink and purple triangle pattern. This tote bag is made from recycled materials and features the Starbucks logo tag affixed near the top. The Starbucks Disneyland tote bag also folds into an attached pouch.

Starbucks Cup Ornament Keychain – $14.99

A cold cup ornament keychain is more decorative than useful in comparison with the series of new drinkware and the matching tote bag. Identical to the geometric tumbler, this miniature version is perfect as a Disneyland keepsake for guests who appreciate their morning Starbucks runs. The colors and patterns are clear signatures of the new Disney Parks Starbucks Coffeehouse collection.

Standing at more than 3 inches tall, this keychain may be a bit large for some guests’ key rings. The cold cup ornament keychain includes both a standard key ring and a decorative ribbon, so this item is ready to be displayed anywhere.

The new Disney Parks Starbucks collection was announced last week and will also be available at If the pink and purple color scheme doesn’t work for you, there is also a Shimmering Gold Starbucks Tumbler which debuted at Disneyland earlier this year.

What item are you looking forward to purchasing from the new Disney Parks Coffeehouse collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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