New Kevin Big Feet Plush Evades Capture Inside the Emporium at Disneyland

Hide your chocolate! Kevin from Pixar’s “Up” has now arrived at Disneyland as the latest Disney Big Feet Plush. This large South American bird can now be found inside the Emporium along Disneyland Park’s Main Street, U.S.A.

Kevin Big Feet Plush – $29.99

Kevin Big Feet Plush - Emporium - Disneyland 00003

Kevin, from the Pixar movie, “Up”, is the latest character to be featured in the Disney Big Feet collection available at Disneyland. Each character is very soft and has a pair of oversized feet, as its name implies.

Kevin is the scene-stealing mysterious South American bird from the Disney and Pixar animated movie “Up.” She is of unknown species, whose rareness is a plot point of the film. She loves chocolate. The Kevin plush features her brightly colored blue, orange, and yellow feathers.

Kevin Big Feet Plush - Emporium - Disneyland 00002

Her yellow face blends right into her big orange beak. Her large eyes also stand out as a prominent feature. She also has a few blue and black feathers that stick out of the top of her head. Her feathers cascade down on the side and back, featuring a different color for every layer.

Kevin Big Feet Plush - Emporium - Disneyland 00001

Since this plush is part of Disney’s Big Feet Collection, Kevin’s black feet are extra large. As pictured above, you can also see the fuzzy yellow “feathers” featured on the front of Kevin.

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A Dug Big Feet Plush, complete with oversize paws, furry ears, and a wagging tongue, is also available on

Will you be trying to capture your very own Kevin Big Feet Plush or do you have your eye on another? Let us know what you think of this iconic “Up” bird in the comments below!

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