New MagicBand+ Designs for Magic Key Holders, Popular Attractions and More at Disneyland

Since the service debuted last fall, new MagicBand+ designs have been arriving in Disneyland. Today we found several more at 20th Century Music Company, located on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Park.

Magic Key MagicBand+ – $54.99

Previously recalled, this Limited-Edition MagicBand+ is back and available for guests to purchase. It is only offered to visitors who hold a Magic Key Pass. These went back on sale April 11.

Several new MagicBand+ designs were found at Disneyland today.

The center puck features the Disneyland “D” in gold alongside sparkles on a white background.

Several new MagicBand+ designs were found at Disneyland today.

The top band features Sleeping Beauty Castle atop a geometric design.

Several new MagicBand+ designs were found at Disneyland today.

The bottom band has a tiled pattern, maintaining the gold and white palette throughout.

Princess Tiana MagicBand+ – $44.99

Princess Tiana has a bright and floral MagicBand+ that fans can now add to their collection.

A bright pink flower atop a pink background decorates this center puck.

Several new MagicBand+ designs were found at Disneyland today.

The top band features Princess Tiana herself smiling amongst a spray of vibrant flowers. A dark blue background sits behind.

Tiana’s Palace is on the bottom band, alongside starbursts and more floral designs.

Jungle Cruise MagicBand+ – $44.99

If you’re a fan of this Disneyland opening day attraction. you may want to snag a Jungle Cruise MagicBand+.

The center puck reads: “The World Famous Jungle Cruise Excursions Departing Daily” and is surrounded by tropical leaves on an avocado-green background.

The top band shows an illustrated scene of a guest on the Jungle Cruise. A hippopotamus smiles from behind her boat.

The bottom band has a similar scene, showing a tiger, maracas, and a mostly-submerged hippopotamus.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad MagicBand+ – $44.99

For guests who love “The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness,” this MagicBand+ design might be just what they’re looking for.

The center puck features the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad logo atop a burnt-umber background.

The top band says “Engine No. 5” and features an illustrated steam locomotive from the attraction.

The bottom band features a lantern, western landscape imagery, and “Est. 1855.”

20th Century Music Company Shop

Disney describes the 20th Century Music Company shop as a vibrant way to find some of your favorite accessories, including pins, lanyards, and now, even new MagicBands.

Get in tune with your inner pin enthusiast! This melodious Main Street, U.S.A. shop features the latest pin collections, lanyards and accessories—along with soundtracks to some of your favorite Disney films.

Take a look at some of the other MagicBand+ designs that have arrived recently in Disneyland below:

Do you use a MagicBand at Disneyland? Will you be adding any of these to your collection? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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