Proposals Regarding China, Charitable Contributions, and Political Contributions Not Approved, Board Members Reelected at Disney Shareholders Meeting

During Disney’s shareholders’ meeting today, there were seven proposals up for a vote. All four proposals from The Walt Disney Company were ratified, while the three proposed by shareholders were not approved.

Image Source: The Walt Disney Company

The company’s proposals were the election of the eleven directors, the ratification of independent accountants, an advisory resolution on executive compensation, and an advisory resolution on the frequency of votes on executive compensation.

The first shareholder proposal was requesting a report on operations related to China. The shareholder speaking at the meeting referenced movies being censored for China, “mature adult themes” that American parents don’t want their children exposed to, and accused Iger of escalating the situation in Florida.

The second shareholder mentioned “gay sex” and abortion in their speech, saying Disney’s denouncement of the Parental Rights in Education bill and support of abortion rights was “stupid.” The proposal requested disclosure of charitable contributions.

The third shareholder proposal requested a political expenditures report, citing Disney’s donations to politicians that supported the Parental Rights in Education bill — a.k.a. the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — as well as anti-abortion and anti-climate measures.

The board recommended voting against all three shareholder proposals.

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