Gen Con Forcing Guests to Give Up Extra Disney Lorcana Events Day After Hotel Cancellation Window Closes

Gen Con 2023, taking place August 3-6 in Indianapolis, is now forcing fans who paid for extra Disney Lorcana events to give them up.

Disney Lorcana Events at Gen Con

Disney Lorcana trading cards

Disney Lorcana is bringing three separate events to Gen Con: a learn-to-play demo, the Disney Lorcana Starter Deck Challenge! and a few casual play events.

The convention emailed guests who had booked multiple Disney Lorcana events, stating, “Ravensburger’s intentions with Disney Lorcana events at Gen Con 2023 were meant to maximize the number of attendees that would be able to play and participate during the convention.”

They explained in the email (which is included in full at the end of this post) that guests who had registered for multiple sessions of a Lorcana event would be refunded to the original method of payment on June 5 and left with a single ticket for a time chosen at guest discretion.

In order to choose what time that single ticket is for, guests must refund their extra tickets themselves or contact Gen Con directly before June 5.

The decision is putting many convention guests in a bind since they planned their trip around the events they had booked. Most events are sold out now, meaning they will have difficulty finding something else to join in place of the extra Lorcana event.

It’s also clearly no coincidence that Gen Con chose today, May 31, to make this announcement. Yesterday, May 30, was the last day to cancel a Gen Con hotel room and only pay a $50 fee. As of today, guests hoping to cancel a hotel room must pay the full amount per room cancelled. Read the full cancellation policy.

Meanwhile, many guests had already canceled their Gen Con trips because they weren’t able to register for a Disney Lorcana event. Gen Con didn’t anticipate the number of attendees trying to register for the events, and all were sold out before some guests’ wishlists were even processed. Read more in our Disney Lorcana monthly news roundup for May.

Disney Lorcana will be sold in parks and on ShopDisney, as well as featured at Gen Con.
Image source: Disney Lorcana

The good news is, guests who haven’t cancelled their trips but weren’t able to register for a Disney Lorcana event may be able to now.

Guests may also try to attend a sold out event if someone doesn’t show up. It has been recommended for those attending to purchase generic tickets (which are sold for $2 each) and head over to the headquarters before an event you would like to join starts; sometimes people don’t show up, which will allow anyone to utilize generic tickets to fill the vacancy. Just remember, the dollar value of the generic tickets needs to match the actual ticket price, so in order to join a Learn to Play Demo or the Starter Deck Challenge! you’ll need to purchase ten generic tickets.

Full Gen Con Email to Disney Lorcana Event Attendees

Ravensburger’s intentions with Disney Lorcana events at Gen Con 2023 were meant to maximize the number of attendees that would be able to play and participate during the convention. As noted in the Message to Registered Players that you should have received via email after signing up: “We regret that no player substitution is allowed; identification will be required to participate. Only one entry per person allowed.”

Some attendees were able to secure multiple tickets to different sessions but did not remove those from carts before checking out when event registration opened on May 21 and currently have more than one ticket under their own name in their schedule.

Gen Con will begin refunding these duplicate registrations to the original method of payment on June 5th. Affected accounts will be left with a single ticket for a time chosen at Gen Con’s discretion.

Or, If you have any duplicate tickets, you can return them yourself for system credit from the My Transactions page in your account at transactions/. This system credit can be used to purchase badges or tickets for Gen Con this year or any future show (system credit is non-refundable and non-transferable and does not expire).

If you would like a refund to your original method of payment instead, please contact Customer Service ( to confirm your account information and the game IDs of the Lorcana events you would like to refund. You will not be charged a processing fee for the refunds.

Important: If you would like to select which ticket you retain, you must refund the tickets yourself or email us to refund them before June 5th or they will be refunded at Gen Con’s discretion and you will be left with a single ticket.

Each attendee will only be permitted to play in a single session of Learn to Play and Start Deck Challenge events. Attempts to play again later may be denied entry and tickets can only be returned for a refund up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.


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