New Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Merchandise, Including Misspelled Black Spire ‘Ouitpost’ Shirt, at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

New merchandise featuring Darth Vader and Stormtroopers has arrived in First Order Cargo at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. Although the merch in this shop is usually just inspired by the First Order, most of these new items are directly inspired by the Empire that preceded it.

Stormtrooper Bust – $250

The bust depicts the chest, upper arms, and head of a Stormtrooper’s uniform.

It’s 9.45 in. x 6.69 in. x 12.99 in. or 24 cm x 17 cm x 33 cm.

It includes a black display base decorated with white rounded stripes, like lights seen on Imperial ships.

A bust was also on display in a glass case.

Darth Vader Throw Blanket – $69.99

Hanging on the wall behind the bust was the Darth Vader throw blanket, which is also available for purchase.

Like many First Order and Imperial items, the color scheme of this collection is black, red, and white.

The throw blanket features Darth Vader with a troop of Stormtroopers behind him and the words “Enlist Today!”

It is 70 in. x 54 in. or 178 cm x 137 cm.

Darth Vader & Kylo Ren Tee – $39.99

The shirt is mostly black, with red on the chest above a fake pocket.

A patch in the corner features a red symbol.

“Finish what they couldn’t” is in red and white lettering below the fake pocket. The First Order logo sticks out of the pocket.

Kylo Ren is pictured with his red lightsaber in silhouette in front of Darth Vader on the left half of the shirt. The Empire logo is in red behind Vader’s head.

The back of the shirt is black, with rounded white lines, and “First Order” in white block lettering.

The Aurebesh lettering is supposed to read “Black Spire Outpost,” but “outpost” is misspelled as “ouitpost,” likely a simple typo as “i” is right between “o” and “u” on a standard keyboard.

First Order Ball Cap – $29.99

The black ball cap resembles the hats worn by Imperial and First Order officers.

An off-center patch reads “709th” in white lettering and “First Order” in red lettering. A Stormtrooper helmet is depicted in the zero. The 709th Legion of the First Order was commanded by Kylo Ren.

On the back of the hat is a grayscale version of the First Order symbol with red Aurebesh lettering embroidered over it.

This reads “Without Equal.”

Stormtroopers Mug – $19.99

This stoneware mug is black with a red handle and a white rim.

The interior is also black.

On one side is a squad of three Stormtroopers set against the Imperial logo in red and black. “Loyal to the Empire” is in white lettering.

On the other side is the Imperial logo in red and white. The mug is 454 mL.

Empire Tank Top – $39.99

This tank top is black with a red neckline.

The two-toned red and white Imperial logo is on the left breast.

White lines are on the bottom to the sides of the stomach.

“Loyal to the Empire” is on the back in red and white lettering.

Stormtroopers Paperweight Banner – $19.99

This small banner features the image of three Stormtroopers with the words “Loyal to the Empire.”

It’s on a black cross post.

The base features a red and black version of the Imperial logo.

Stormtrooper Youth Tee – $31.99

This short-sleeved shirt is striped red, white, and black. “Loyal to the Empire” is on the red stripe, while Stormtroopers are depicted in the center white stripe. Darth Vader’s helmet appears to be illuminated red on the black stripe.

Darth Vader Youth Tank Top – $31.99

Darth Vader’s helmet is on the chest of this shirt, with Kylo Ren silhouetted in the eye. It’s mostly black, with a stripe of red down the left arm and side, and a white collar.

White rounded lines run down the spine of the shirt.

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