New Elemental Plush, Apparel, and More Merchandise Available at Disneyland Resort

New merchandise inspired by Pixar’s “Elemental” is available at Disneyland Resort. We found these plush, apparel, and other items in the Emporium at Disneyland.

“Elemental” Figurine Set – $29.99

The deluxe figurine set includes figurines of all the main “Elemental” characters like Ember, Wade, and Clod.

Ember Lumen, a fire element, is voiced by Leah Lewis. Wade Ripple, a water element, is voiced by Mamoudou Athie. And Clod, a young earth element, is voiced by Mason Wertheimer.

“Elemental” Magnet Set – $14.99

There are four magnets in this set, two of Ember and two of Wade expressing different emotions.

“Elemental” Ember & Wade Tee – $39.99

Ember and Wade are on this tee with shapes like circles and triangles around them. The shirt is black with a white specked background.

“Elemental” Periodic Park Tee – $39.99

This shirt is dark blue with a poster for Periodic Park in Element City on the front.

Silhouettes of Wade and Ember stand on a bridge in the center of the poster.

“Elemental” Hoodie – $59.99

The black hoodie is patterned all over with Wade and Ember’s faces, as well as flames and water droplets.

It zips up and has a blue drawstring in the hood.

“Elemental” Youth Tee – $26.99

The youth tee is dark blue and features Ember, Wade, Clod, and Lutz, a yellow air element. “In my element” is in colorful letters above them.

“Elemental” Bottle – $22.99

The bottle is black with a blue cap.

It’s covered in elemental symbols and images of characters from the film.

It’s 470 mL / 16 oz.

Ember Plush – $22.99

You can take home your favorite “Elemental” characters in the form of these plush.

Ember is a fiery orange and yellow with a dark diamond-patterned dress.

Wade Plush – $22.99

Wade is a sparkling blue and wears a button-up and tie.

Gale Plush – $22.99

Gale is pink and wears a tank top reading “Wind Breakers.”

Clod Plush – $22.99

Finally, Clod is brown with green fuzzy hair and a camouflage shirt.

Read more about “Elemental” below.


Ember and Wade in Pixar's Elemental

“Elemental” is the latest Pixar film to arrive in cinemas since 2022’s “Lightyear,” and is directed by Peter Sohn — who previously directed “The Good Dinosaur” and voiced Emile in the 2007 film “Ratatouille.” Pixar’s Twitter page describes this new adventure’s main concept:

In a city where fire, water, land, & air residents live together, a fiery young woman & a go-with-the-flow guy will discover something elemental: How much they have in common. Directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Denise Ream, Disney and Pixar’s Elemental releases June 16, 2023.

In an interview with Variety, Sohn, who also conceived the story, drew parallels between the friction the two main characters have with their families when they begin venturing outside of their own elemental culture with his own personal life as the child of Korean immigrants.

It’s the burden of culture and passing the torch of carrying a piece of heritage inside of you and trying to decide what to do with that heritage. I have kids that come from different, mixed cultures. I’m Korean and my wife is half-Italian, part- German and part-English. The feeling of it can sometimes be like a burden. I wonder if I am I breaking the chain in my life because I’m not pushing the Korean language and culture. And our main character, Ember, even though her culture is fictional, she’s dealing with very similar issues of trying to understand her life in a place that was not her parents’ home.

The official trailer can be viewed below.

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