New Disney Cruise Line Merchandise Including Silver Anniversary Mug & Ship Figure

On a recent Disney Fantasy sailing, we found two new Silver Anniversary at Sea items, as well as a new Disney Cruise Line “Set a Course for Adventure” collection.

Silver Anniversary at Sea Disney Cruise Line Merchandise Collection

The Silver Anniversary at Sea items are a mug and a ship figure. Check out more Silver Anniversary at Sea merchandise.

Silver Anniversary Ship Figure – $95

This figure features a silver version of a Disney Cruise Line ship atop a light blue base.

A “Disney Cruise Line” plaque featuring the cruise line’s logo is on the front of the base.

There is not a name on the ship, but all Disney Cruise Line ships have approximately the same design, with two funnels featuring the Disney Cruise Line logo.

The top of the figure does not have the AquaMouse or AquaDuck water slide around the top.

The Silver Anniversary at Sea logo is on the bottom of the base.

Silver Anniversary Mug – $19.99

This shiny mug is patterned all-over with debossed versions of the Disney Cruise Line logo.

The logo has three wavy lines and a Mickey head at the center.

The interior is solid blue. The mug is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Set a Course For Adventure Collection

Set a Course For Adventure Sweatshirt – $49.99

This light blue pullover sweatshirt reads “Set a course for Adventure” and features Captain Minnie, Captain Mickey, and Pluto.

Minnie is in her red captain’s jacket, while Mickey is in his blue jacket. There is also a pair of palm trees, clouds, and a gold anchor on the sweatshirt.

Pluto has a life preserver around his neck instead of a collar.

A red Disney Cruise Line patch is on the left wrist.

Disney Cruise Line Art Kit – $24.99

This art kit comes in a bag featuring Mickey and friends on a dock with a Disney Cruise Line ship on the water in the background. Fireworks go off above them.

The set includes 6 dry erase markers, a dry erase notebook, 5 crayons, a notepad, a pencil, and a pencil sharpener.

The spiral notebook reads “Welcome Aboard” across an image of a Disney Cruise Line ship, Captain Minnie, and Captain Mickey.

The crayons are red, yellow, blue, black, and tan.

The notepad features all of Mickey’s friends. The dry-erase markers are red, yellow, black, dark blue, light blue, and tan. They have built-in erasers.

Disney Cruise Line Plate Set – $44.99

There are four white plates in this set.

Each features a different character and either a red or blue logo and border:

  • Captain Mickey holding a gold anchor, with a blue border and Disney Cruise Line logo
  • Captain Minnie with a ship’s wheel, with a red border and Disney Cruise Line logo
  • Goofy playing accordion, with a red border and Disney Cruise Line logo
  • Donald on a blue anchor, with a blue border and Disney Cruise Line logo

Disney Cruise Line Bowl Set – $44.99

The bowls are white on the outside with blue or red borders and logos.

The interiors of the bowl are:

  • Blue with Captain Mickey in a life preserver
  • Red with Captain Minnie in a ship’s wheel
  • Red with Donald in a porthole
  • Blue with Chip ‘n’ Dale and anchors

Captain Mickey & Captain Minnie Ornament – $24.99

Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie are steering a ship on this ornament.

The wheel is golden yellow on a red stand. The base is blue with a “Welcome Board” plaque on the front.

The blue ribbon attaches to a metal pole at the back. The ribbon can be removed for tabletop display.

“Welcome Aboard” Photo Frame – $24.99

This matching photo frame has Mickey and Minnie on either side of a golden ship’s wheel.

A 3″ by 3″ circular photo fits in the center of the wheel. A Disney Cruise Line ship is pictured at the top of the frame.

It has a stand on the back.

Disney Cruise Line Scrapbook Kit – $29.99

This scrapbook it includes 1 notebook, 5 sticker sheets, 1 border sticker sheet, 6 designed paper sheets, and 4 paper frames.

The pages feature different background patterns of Disney Cruise Line iconography or stripes.

The stickers are of Mickey and friends in their Disney Cruise Line outfits, as well as the Disney Cruise Line logo, suitcases, ships, life preservers, and other iconography.

Disney Cruise Line Photo Album – $

This photo album is blue with subtle waves across the front.

Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie are on either side of a gold ship’s wheel with a “Welcome Aboard” ribbon across it. “Disney Cruise Line” is on the bottom with the logo.

The spine is red with a silver version of the Disney Cruise Line logo.

More of Mickey’s friends are pictured on the back above a Disney Cruise Line ship. They’re surrounded by rigging, palm trees, clouds, and music notes.

The pages are red with subtle backgrounds of ships, anchors, suns, suitcases, and more.

Captain Mickey & Captain Minnie Ear Headband – $34.99

This ear headband features plush, stylized versions of Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie’s heads as the ears.

The bow is stuffed and made of a silky red fabric. A gold anchor charm is sewn to the bottom right of the bow.

The inside of the headband is a navy blue velour fabric.

The outer part of the headband is a light blue velour, and has “Disney Cruise Line” embroidered in yellow on the right side.

“Set a Course for Adventure” Small Luggage – $159.99

This small suitcase features the Disney Cruise Line logo at the top embroidered in teal thread. The front pocket features Captain Mickey saluting from inside a life preserver with the words “Set a course for adventure” set around him in blue. The Disney Cruise Line icon can be found to his left and right in a darker blue.

The suitcase has a fabric handle and a retractable trolley for transporting the luggage with ease. The zipper pulls have hidden mickeys cut out of the ends.

The right side of the luggage features a locking mechanism and another fabric handle.

The back of the suitcase includes an illustration of a Disney Cruise Line ship in shades of cream, red, blue, and yellow. The Disney Cruise Line logo and icon rest above it in a more muted blue tone.

It also appears that this luggage can be extended for extra space if need be.

Disney Cruise Line Large Luggage – $199.99

This larger suitcase matches its smaller counterpart with the embroidered Disney Cruise Line logo toward the top. The front pocket features art of Captain Mickey, Donald, Captain Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Daisy. A golden rope attached to an anchor weaves through the group, with palm trees found throughout. An illustration of a Disney Cruise Line ship rests at the bottom.

This larger suitcase also has a fabric handle at the top, as well as a rectractable trolley handle.

Unlike the smaller luggage, this version does not have art on the back.

Here’s a look at both pieces of luggage together, if you’re interested in the whole set.

Disney Cruise Line Mug with Lid – $24.99

This mug continues the same art as previous items in this collection. The mug is navy and has a blue lid complete with Mickey ears to help keep your beverages in place.

Along the mug, art of Daisy, Goofy, Captain Minnie, Pluto, and Captain Mickey can be seen.

The mug is stoneware, and the lid is silicone. The mug is 454 milliliters / 16 ounces and is not microwave- or dishwasher-safe.

The silicone lid comes taped to the mug, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Disney Cruise Line Small Purse – $34.99

Keep your essentials with you inside this small purse.

“Disney Cruise Line” is embroidered at the top in light blue thread, and art of Donald, Captain Mickey, Pluto, Captain Minnie, Goofy and Daisy can be seen on the front pocket.

The strap is navy with blue, yellow, and red stripes, and is connected by detachable metal clasps.

Captain Mickey Ball Cap – $29.99

This Captain cap features Captain Mickey giving his best salute on the front, with the words “Captain” and “Est. 1998” underneath him.

The cap itself is white with a bright blue brim and adjustable strap. “Disney Cruise Line” is embroidered on the back in light blue thread.

Youth Captain Minnie Dress – $34.99

This youth Captain Minnie Dress is heather gray, and is sleeveless to help with the warmer weather. The art on the front features Captain Minnie saying “Oh hey, Vacay.”

The back of the dress is blank.

Striped Captain Mickey Polo – $

Add a more seafaring vibe to your wardrobe with this striped polo featuring Captain Mickey.

The stylized art of Captain Mickey holding a golden anchor can be found on the right breast of the shirt.

The polo is long-sleeved and has a white collar. There is nothing on the back.

Disney Cruise Line Zip-Up Hoodie – $

This heather gray zip-up hoodie features Captain Mickey saluting from inside a life preserver on the front right breast.

On the back is art that has been seen previously in this collection, which features Donald, Pluto, Captain Mickey, Captain Minnie, Goofy, and Daisy. A Disney Cruise Line ship is docked in the background.

The Disney Cruise Line logo and icon can be found down the left sleeve in white.

Striped Captain Mickey Tee – $26.99

Set a course for adventure with this striped Captain Mickey tee. Art of Mickey in his seafaring best can be found in the center, as he salutes from inside a life preserver in front of two lime green anchors. The words “Set a course for adventure” are printed around him in blue.

Captain Minnie Tee – $39.99

This boatneck Captain Minnie tee features a more relaxed fit. The front has an embroidered golden anchor with a hidden Mickey on the right breast.

The back of the shirt features Captain Minnie saluting from inside a porthole stylized to look like a ship’s wheel. The Disney Cruise Line logo is printed below in purple.

Disney Cruise Line Beach Towel – $29.99

Keep dry with this towel, which features the same art of Captain Mickey and the gang that’s present in the entire collection.

Disney Cruise Line Bowl – $34.99

Give your treats a perfect place to set sail with this bowl, which features all sorts of Disney Cruise Line-related icons and art.

We can spot a Disney Cruise Line ship, an anchor, Captain Mickey, Captain Minnie, Chip ‘n Dale, Pluto, a suitcase, ice cream, the sun, a porthole window, and more.

The inside says “Welcome aboard,” and features stylized art of a Disney Cruise Line ship. This stoneware bowl is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It’s approximately 4,517 milliliters / 159 ounces.

Disney Cruise Line Cookie Cutter Set – $24.99

Bring a touch of Disney Cruise Line to your kitchen with this cookie cutter set.

The set includes six cookie cutters in the shape of a Disney Cruise Line ship, an ice cream cone, a palm tree, a ship’s wheel, Mickey’s head, and an anchor.

The cookie cutter set is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe.

“Set a Course for Adventure” Platter – $39.99

This platter features Captain Mickey emerging from a life preserver, with the words “Set a course for adventure” around him. The Disney Cruise Line icon rests to his left and right.

The platter itself is fairly deep, and has two rope-style handles.

Disney Cruise Line Short-Sleeved Button-Up – $59.99

Nothing says “I’m on vacation” like a patterned button-up shirt. This Disney Cruise Line button-up features art of Captain Mickey, Captain Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip ‘n Dale, and more.

What do you think of this new Disney Cruise Line merchandise collection? Let us know in the comments.

Silver Anniversary at Sea

dcl disney wish mickey silver anniversary at sea outfit

Disney Cruise Line is celebrating 25 years of sailing with the Silver Anniversary at Sea celebration on select sailings from May through September 2023. The first Disney Cruise Line ship, Disney Magic, began its maiden voyage on July 30, 1998.

Mickey and Minnie are wearing new shimmering teal and white costumes for the anniversary celebration. The rest of their friends also have new costumes.

Guests will be invited to join the ship’s captain and cruise director on one evening of each cruise for a special anniversary toast. They will be joined by Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie in their new Silver Anniversary at Sea outfits and the toast will feature the anniversary’s new theme song.

Disney Cruise Line was the first cruise line ever to have a fireworks show at sea. A new 25th-anniversary fireworks display will be featured on some Silver Anniversary at Sea itineraries. The limited-time show features iconic Disney music and a new signature song. The show will be on most Bahamian, Caribbean, and Mediterranean sailings this summer.

25th anniversary pre-show is currently playing before the Disney Cruise Line sail away parties.

The anniversary of Disney Cruise Line also heralds the unveiling of a brand-new membership tier for Castaway Club, which recognizes returning Disney Cruise Line guests with exclusive rewards and perks. Honoring 25 years of Disney magic at sea, members will now earn the distinction of Pearl status after 25 Disney Cruise Line vacations. As the line’s biggest fans, Pearl members will unlock new at-home and onboard benefits. Check out the new Castaway Club lanyards and stateroom gifts.

Castaway Club members who sail during the Silver Anniversary at Sea will receive a limited edition 11×14 framed Captain Mickey art print in their stateroom. The artwork is by Disney artist Joe Kaminski.

The Shimmering Seas Collection of merchandise includes a Loungefly mini backpack, Spirit Jersey, and more. Check out some of the 25th anniversary merchandise and the Silver Anniversary pin.

There are also plenty of Silver Anniversary-inspired food and beverage items. Souvenirs include a popcorn bucket and a tumbler.

MagicBand+ will also debut on Disney Cruise Line this summer.

Read our Disney Cruise Line 101 post for more information about each ship.

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