New Disneyland Adventureland Treehouse Details Shared During Disney’s $115,000 Private Jet to Parks Around the World Tour

Guests experiencing Adventures By Disney’s nearly $115,000 private jet tour to Disney Parks around the world were the first to hear new details about the upcoming Swiss Family Robinson-inspired retheme of the Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland.

New Disneyland Adventureland Treehouse Details

Imagineer Kim Irvine met with the guests of Disney Theme Parks Around the World – A Private Jet Adventure at The Golden Horseshoe to talk about her history with the company, as well as some exclusive new details about the transformation of the Adventureland Treehouse, according to a new video from Laughing Place.

The treehouse, formerly known as Tarzan’s Treehouse, and prior to that, the Swiss Family Treehouse, will now be occupied by a new family of five, with each member having their own unique gift to make life in the jungle fun and exciting.

While no names were shared just yet, we did learn a bit more about each family member.

The father is the chief of the family, and has created a kitchen where the meals his family enjoys can cook themselves on the stove. He has also managed to build an icebox in the jungle, which is a feat in and of itself. All of this is possible thanks to the water wheel that brings the “magical” water out of the creek below and into the tree — meaning the water wheel will be returning. You can see it in our construction update here.

Mother's Room in the Adventureland Treehouse Inspired by Swiss Family Robinson at Disneyland

The mother is “a fabulous musician,” and her room will see the return of the player organ from the Swiss Family Treehouse that will play the Swisskapolka. You can see the previously-released concept art for her room above.

The children of this new family are a teenage daughter and two twin boys. The daughter is a gifted astronomer and astrologer, who studies the moon and stars out of the windows of the treehouse and in the treehouse’s loft. Her room will feature graphs and models of the universe that she has put together during her studies.

The twin boys are naturalists, with one loving plants and the other loving animals. Their room will be filled with monkeys, toucans, and other kinds of plants, both man-eating and otherwise.

The transformation of the Adventureland Treehouse is still set to be completed sometime this year, but an opening timeframe has yet to be announced.

Swiss Family-Inspired Adventureland Treehouse

Back in November 2022, it was announced that Tarzan’s Treehouse would be transformed into a new Swiss Family-Inspired Adventureland Treehouse in Disneyland Park. It would have its own story, partially inspired by “Swiss Family Robinson”.

Before it was Tarzan’s Treehouse, the attraction was Swiss Family Treehouse, based on the 1960 film “Swiss Family Robinson.” It opened on November 18, 1962, at Disneyland Park and was an opening day attraction at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Paris. It remains the Swiss Family Treehouse at Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland.

Swiss Family Treehouse closed at Disneyland Park in 1999 and reopened as Tarzan’s Treehouse (pictured above) later that year. After another 22 years of operation, it suddenly closed in September 2021. Disney eventually announced in April 2022 that it would be re-themed.

Instead of being inspired by a different IP (it was rumored it could be “Encanto”-themed), the new treehouse will have an original story about a family living in the treehouse on Jungle River. It will look more like the original 1962 Swiss Family Treehouse, including a water wheel at the entrance, but the family is different, hence the name Adventureland Treehouse.

Each member of the family will have their own themed room, featuring found objects and natural resources that they have repurposed for home use, not unlike previous iterations of the treehouse.

Sign for the Adventureland Treehouse Inspired by Swiss Family Robinson at Disneyland

To make the attraction more accessible for guests unable to climb stairs, or who just don’t want to go up high, the bottom floor will be expanded to include a kitchen, dining room, and the father’s art studio displaying hand-drawn sketches and paintings of each of the rooms.

It was also rumored that the attraction would become S.E.A.-themed. While it may not be an entirely S.E.A. attraction, there is a Society of Explorers and Adventurers banner in the concept art.

The full title of the new attraction is Adventureland Treehouse Inspired by Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson.

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