New Jack Skellington Loungefly Backpack, Monster Wreath, and More ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Merch at Disneyland

New “The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise at Disneyland Resort includes a Jack Skellington Loungefly mini backpack, monster wreath, and desk supplies. Merchandise inspired by the classic spooky film has been arriving at Disneyland Resort as summer comes to an end and the Halloween season begins.

Monster Wreath – $64.99

This monstrous wreath resembles one Jack places in someone’s home. It’s green, with two big yellow eyes that light up and slowly move back and forth. It’s decorated with red berries and a big red bow.

The switch and battery pack are on the back. We found it in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

Jack Skellington Loungefly Backpack – $88

This mostly black backpack has a lenticular image of Jack’s face on the front. Zero is curling up in his arms below his face.

Viewed from different angles, Jack may be frowning or grinning.

The rest of the backpack is black, with bright green straps and accents.

The side pockets and lower half of the straps are pinstriped like Jack’s suit.

We found this in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Mayor Pen Holder – $24.99

A translucent blue-green pen holder is inspired by the two-faced Mayor Halloween Town.

One side shows his upset expression, while the other side shows his happy expression, with his tall hat above.

There’s a small box between the two faces to hold pens or whatever items you want.

Deadly Nightshade Candle – $34.99

This candle comes in a textured gray jar similar to the one Sally stores her Deadly Nightshade in.

The “Deadly Nightshade” label is in white on one side.

It has a matching lid.

It’s 10 oz or 20 g.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Trinket Tray – $24.99

This “trinket tray” features Lock, Shock, and Barrel in the walking bathtub.

Though it’s labeled as a trinket tray, there isn’t much space to store things inside, but it still makes a cute decoration.

Sally Pen – $12.99

You can store this Sally pen in the Mayor pen holder. It resembles Sally, complete with her red hair and patchwork dress. The pen cap is at her feet. She holds a frog’s breath jar.

The last three items were in Port Royal Curios and Curiosities, near The Haunted Mansion.

Check out another “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Loungefly bag. Hallmark also has new “Nightmare Before Christmas” decorations.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Screenshot 2023 07 12 at 15 35 26 The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993

Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a musical stop-motion film released in 1993. Though it was produced and conceived by Tim Burton, inspired by a poem he wrote, it was directed by Henry Selick. Danny Elfman wrote the film’s songs and sang for Jack Skellington, who was otherwise voiced by Chris Sarandon.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” follows Jack Skellington of Halloween Town, who is dissatisfied with his life as Pumpkin King. He discovers Christmas Town and decides to take over the winter holiday, going so far as to have Santa Claus (or “Sandy Claws”) abducted so he can take his place.

The cast also includes Catherine O’Hara as Sally, Jack’s love interest, as well as Shock, one of three mischievous trick-or-treaters. William Hickey is Doctor Finkelstein, Glenn Shadix is Halloween Town’s Mayor, Ken Page is Oogie Boogie, and Ed Ivory is Santa Claus.

Every holiday season at Disneyland Park, the classic Haunted Mansion attraction is re-decorated and re-themed with characters and stories from the film, in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” will take over The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park beginning on September 1 this year. The ride will likely close in mid-August for the overlay to be installed.

Last year, Haunted Mansion Holiday was originally scheduled to close in early January before being extended for three more weeks. This wasn’t the first time the popular holiday overlay has been extended, but it doesn’t happen every year.  When the holiday overlay is extended, it’s usually to help with ride capacity throughout the park when other attractions are already closed for refurbishment.

The overlay includes figures of various “The Nightmare Before Christmas” characters, including Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie. A unique gingerbread house is displayed in the ballroom scene each year. Lock, Shock, and Barrel were atop last year’s gingerbread house.

Watch last year’s Haunted Mansion Holiday:

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