REVIEW: New Forbidden Turnover, Adventurer’s Platter, and More Food Offerings at Bengal Barbecue for Release of ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’

To celebrate the release of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” new limited time food offerings themed to the iconic adventurer have been added to the menu at Bengal Barbecue.

Watch our video review below and keep scrolling for photos and more information.

Adventurer’s Platter – $18.49

Choice of two skewers with turmeric rice and couscous salad.

The couscous salad is perfectly fine, nothing to write home about, but it has a nice refreshing taste to it, likely from the cucumber.

The rice is quite enjoyable, though it is the same rice that is typically served with everything else.

The lemon chicken was one of the most disgusting pieces of food we’ve gotten from this park. The meat itself is a fine consistency, but the sauce on it tastes the way that lemon Pledge smells.

The lamb kebab was very tough yet tasty. The flavorful sauce complemented the meat nicely and added some spice to the dish.

This would have been a near-perfect item, if the lamb meat was not so difficult to chew.

The Forbidden Turnover – $6.99

Turnover filled with mango, pineapple, and passion fruit.

Forbidden Turnover

The turnover is a legitimate “new favorite park snack” contender. The flavors are fantastic and go together very well without clashing in any way.

Forbidden Pastry
Forbidden Pastry

The pastry is fluffy and thin, balancing well with the filling. This isn’t just a good-looking snack, it’s also a really tasty one.

Vegetable Platter – $12.99

Fresh vegetables with harissa hummus, chermoula, and yogurt dill sauce, served with grilled naan.

The vegetables are very fresh, crisp, and tasty, and the three sauces are all quite good. They’re definitely on the spicier side, though.

The hummus was our favorite. It had a bit of a kick, likely from paprika.

The yogurt is heavy on the dill with a kick on the back end. The chermoula was standard. It was our least favorite sauce, but it wasn’t bad.

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