First Look at Star Wars: Unlimited Deck Pods, Card Sleeves, and More Accessories

At Gen Con 2023, we got to playtest Star Wars: Unlimited, a new trading card game from Fantasy Flight Games. We also got a first look at some of the game’s accessories created by Gamegenic. These deck pods can be used to both store and display cards, while the sleeves keep them protected.


The acrylic tokens are used during gameplay.

They come in various shapes and colors and have different functionalities in gameplay; some, for example, mark damage while others act as shields.


The playmat has a background that resembles hyperspace.

White outlines show where various cards should be set.

White Deck Pod

The white pod has black velvet lining and a white exterior.

There are built-in transparent sleeves for sliding cards into. In our playthrough, the Star Wars: Unlimited team utilized this spot for the player’s base card.

As seen in the video from Gamegenic below, the deck pod has a detachable slide card case, perfect for storing your leader card. The deck pods are also branded with the Star Wars: Unlimited logo.

Red Deck Pod

Each deck pod is inspired by a different “aspect” from Star Wars: Unlimited. The red one features the logo for the Aggression aspect.

The detachable cases also have UV protection.

Yellow Deck Pod

There are drawers in the deck boxes for storing tokens, while decks can be stacked on top.

Blue Deck Pod

The blue deck pod is inspired by the Vigilance aspect.

See another video from Gamegenic featuring the blue deck pod below.

Additional Deck Boxes

There are also two “soft” deck boxes: a black plastic box that features an X-wing flying through space, and a white box adorned with the logo of the “Heroism” Aspect of the game.

Initiative Counter

A mechanic unique to Star Wars: Unlimited is the initiative counter, a tool that determines who goes first in the next round. It’s meant to be randomly assigned at the start of each game. If you’d like to get a better understanding of the intricacies of the initiative counter and of Star Wars: Unlimited, as a whole, you can check out the Star Wars: Unlimited quickstart rules guide released by Fantasy Flight. You can also check out our video in which we demonstrated the game with Fantasy Flight Community Engagement Specialist Xander Tabler at GenCon 2023:

Darth Vader Card Sleeves

There are two sets of card sleeves, which have a matte finish. One features artwork from the Darth Vader leader card.

Luke Skywalker Card Sleeves

The other features artwork from the Luke Skywalker leader card. These two leader cards inspire their respective Star Wars: Unlimited starter decks.

Below is the press release from Gamegenic regarding their Star Wars: Unlimited accessories.


Gamegenic, in collaboration with Fantasy Flight Games and Lucasfilm Ltd., is very proud to reveal a brand-new line of accessories for upcoming Star Wars™: Unlimited, a trading card game (TCG) of unlimited possibilities. The game features heroes, villains, ships, and settings from all facets of the legendary Star Wars franchise. All accessories will launch with the game globally in 2024.

Every accessory in the Star Wars: Unlimited product line is inspired by the iconic look and feel of the franchise’s galaxy – while being specifically tailored to the needs of players and collectors. The aim is not only to protect and display gameplay components, but also to enrich the player experience in unique and surprising ways.

Gamegenic accessories perfectly complement the game’s mechanics and material. In typical Gamegenic fashion, every detail has been carefully thought out and designed to support the exceptional Star Wars atmosphere, giving little nods to iconic features.

“Ever since my early childhood, I have been a huge Star Wars fan. Working on this project is a lifelong dream come true!” says Adrian Alonso, Head of Gamegenic. “You can count on the fact that every single product will be special – to fans of the franchise and players of TCGs alike.”

He adds: “With the unique relationship that people have with their games and respective franchises, we take improving their needs very seriously. The Star Wars: Unlimited game deserves extraordinary accessories and this is a collection of our very best innovations. When you start using our products during gameplay, they become so much more than just ordinary gaming supplies – they enrich the game and perfectly complement every round played.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the exceptionally creative team at Gamegenic for the accessories of our upcoming Star Wars: Unlimited game,” says Chris Gerber, Fantasy Flight Games Head of Studio. “We are wowed by each product’s design and outstanding quality, and we are more than happy to offer these excellent accessories to our players!”

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