FIRST LOOK at the ‘Big Hero 6’ San Fransokyo Maker’s Market Gift Shop in Disney California Adventure

San Fransokyo Square is open now at Disney California Adventure, and the “Big Hero 6” themed land now features the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market gift shop.

San Fransokyo Maker’s Market

Outside the Maker’s Market are banners featuring different bots with red Xs across them.

The only bot without a red X is Hiro’s Megabot, the reigning champion. There are signs for the Maker’s Market in both English and Japanese, just like other signage throughout the land.

Inside, merchandise is displayed in large open toolboxes, each one representing a different bot and their maker.

This one says “Property of Mr. Yama.” In “Big Hero 6,” Megabot defeats Yama’s robot, Little Yama.

The bots themselves sit among wires atop the merchandise displays.

The doors of the toolbox feature a volcano mural.

The next box is for “Snips House of Razors,” featuring splotches of pink paint and skulls. Snips is a bot defeated by Little Yama in “Big Hero 6.”

On the back of this box is “This bot’s operator refuses any responsibility for loss of limbs!”

“We play dirty” is on the side of a box with neon stripes.

Worm Bot and its owner, Trina, appeared in “Big Hero 6: The Series.”

A box for Saw Bot — which also appeared in “Big Hero 6: The Series” — with several warnings on it is closed and next to the register.

The register is housed in a crate stamped with the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology logo.

A box for Cerberus Bot features green lettering and radioactive symbols. “Beware of Dog” is on the side. Cerberus also appeared in “Big Hero 6: The Series.”

The other side of the Cerberus box reads “Cerberus’ Lair.”

Rolling merchandise displays full of Baymax plush are also stamped with the Institute of Technology logo in yellow or “S F.I.T.” in green.

If you look up, you might spot a hidden Baymax between two of the overhead lights. Do you see him? Let us know in the comments.

Read more about San Fransokyo Square below:

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