FIRST LOOK: Baymax & Hiro Meet and Greet Location Completed in San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure

Guests visiting Disney California Adventure on August 30 were able to cross the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge into San Fransokyo Square for the first time ahead of the land’s official opening on August 31. They were greeted by new signage and decor upon arrival, with the Hamada Bot Shop, the setting of the new Baymax and Hiro meet and greet, being among the newly accessible locations.

Baymax and Hiro Meet and Greet at Hamada Bot Shop

Guests will be able to meet Baymax and Hiro outside of the Hamada Bot Shop. The exterior of the building features a bright red awning, and “Hamada Bot Shop” is printed in a bright blue type across its valance. The font matches that of the official “Big Hero 6” movie logo.

Sliding doors appear underneath the awning, and they’ve been adorned with a vibrant painting of a scenic valley. Detailed clouds line the horizon behind a winding river and tall trees. The usage of vivid colors to depict a picturesque landscape suggests that this painting is perhaps inspired by traditional Japanese art (more specifically the late Ukiyo-e period, the wave that the famous “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” painting is part of).

Decorations that one would expect to find hung on the bedroom walls of children in San Fransokyo are present on the side of the building. There’s a poster that features a city bus in front of the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge; the sun and a pagoda-style building are visible in the background.

A bright poster featuring a chopstick-holding robot is seen underneath the San Fransokyo art. The robot has a mechanized bowl of ramen for a head; fittingly, this poster is presumably a piece of promotional art for a fictional movie or television show called “Robo Ramen.”

There’s another piece of art hanging on the other sliding door, this poster showcasing a building on the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology campus.

General garage items —a recycling bin, brooms, tools, etc. — appear on both sides of the doors. Another piece of San Fransokyo Institute of Technology memorabilia leans against the side of the building beneath a “Cowboy Samurai” poster; this, again, is presumably a piece of promo art for an in-universe show.

A dismantled version of GoGo Tomago’s bike is also hung from the side of the building beneath other garage filler.

A large square entryway is cut from the wall perpendicular to these decorations; looking inside, we see more tools, shelves, and other objects one would expect to find in a garage. The decor makes sense, as the Hamada Bot Shop is where the team from “Big Hero 6” builds and innovates their gear. Guests are visiting these characters in their workshop, and thus, one would expect to find tools.

Earlier this year, Disney revealed that guests “may see some upcoming inventions” from the team inside this workshop.

Words are written on another set of sliding doors further down this wall. The type reads “Tech Salvage & Repair” and “Custom Bot Fighter Upgrades.”

The Hamada Bot Shop Baymax and Hiro meet and greet will be located next to the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, a retail location. While art was present and visible ahead of the grand opening, temporary walls were still up as of August 30.

San Fransokyo Square

San Fransokyo Square is a “Big Hero 6”-inspired reimagining of the Pacific Wharf section of Disney California Adventure. The land has opened in semi-phases throughout 2023; the Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill and Lucky Fortune Cookery started serving “Big Hero 6”-themed meals and desserts in late July, and The Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería opened around that same time.

Aunt Cass Cafe, a new quick-service dining location at San Fransokyo Square, soft-opened on August 30. The land officially opens on August 31.

Will you be checking out the Baymax and Hiro meet and greet at the Hamada Bot Shop in San Fransokyo Square? How do you feel about the “Big Hero 6”-inspired overhaul of Pacific Wharf? Let us know in the comments.

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