Full List of New Baymax Merchandise (with Pricing) at San Fransokyo Square

San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure has officially opened and the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market has plenty of merchandise inspired by “Big Hero 6” and Baymax. Many of the items are old, but there is some new Baymax merch that’s been added to the mix.

New Baymax Merchandise at San Fransokyo Square

san fransokyo square maker's market

In addition to this new merchandise roundup, we also have a first look at the Maker’s Market itself available.

Giant Baymax S’mores Munchling Plush – $59.99 

This Baymax Munchlings plush is even bigger than the original released last year. It could be a footrest.

The Munchlings are a series of plush and other merchandise featuring mashups of Disney characters and snack food. Baymax is depicted as a s’more, with graham crackers and chocolate.

Baymax AirPod Case – $19.99

This first AirPod case is black with an all-over pattern of Baymax.

Baymax AirPod Case – $19.99

The next case reads “Hello, I am Baymax” above an image of Baymax waving. It has a white exterior and a horizontal orientation.

Baymax AirPod Case – $19.99

This case has the same design, but is black with a vertical orientation.

Baymax AirPod Case – $19.99

This case is transparent with an all-over pattern of Baymax.

Baymax iPhone Case – $34.99

The first of the 3-D phone cases is red with an all-over pattern of Baymax, who makes hearts with his hands and waves. Mochi the cat is also featured with him sometimes.

Baymax iPhone Case – $34.99

On this case, Baymax and Hiro fly over San Fransokyo. Baymax is in his bright red armor and the background is maroon.

Baymax iPhone Case – $34.99

Baymax is squished into this phone case, with the gray San Fransokyo skyline behind him.

Big Hero 6 iPhone Case – $34.99

This case shows the whole Big Hero 6 team hugging, with Baymax and Hiro in the center.

Baymax Tee – $29.99

This white tee features Baymax’s outline in black covering most of the front.

Baymax & Mochi Ball Cap – $29.99

This ball cap is black with an image of Baymax lying on his back embroidered on the front. Mochi sits on Baymax’s belly.

Baymax Youth Tee – $21.99

This shirt is red with an image of Baymax covered in bandages.

Baymax Pet Tee – $24.99

Another T-shirt comes in many different sizes for many different sorts of pets.

It’s blue with neon green borders. At the center back is an image of Baymax with “Hugs all day every day!” around him.

San Fransokyo Sign – $29.99

This decorative sign is white with the red silhouette of San Fransokyo across it. Koi fish balloons and Baymax fly above the city.

“San Fransokyo” is across the bottom in English and Japanese.

Big Hero 6 Sign – $29.99

This sign features the same design as one of the phone cases, with the whole gang cuddling Baymax. The background is gray with various San Fransokyo images.

Baymax Sign – $29.99

This sign is red with a large image of Baymax making a hand heart. The San Fransokyo skyline is in front of him.

San Fransokyo Magnet – $14.99

This magnet resembles the first sign, but without Baymax flying at the top.

Baymax Magnet – $14.99

Another magnet sees Baymax making a heart with his name in bubble letters at the bottom. He’s surrounded by a purple-blue border.

Baymax Magnet – $14.99

This magnet features Baymax with the city skyline in the foreground.

Baymax & Mochi Magnet – $14.99

Mochi is perched on top of Baymax in this magnet, who is framed in a torii gate like those on the nearby bridge in San Fransokyo Square. “Supportive type” is across the bottom.

Baymax & Mochi Magnet – $14.99

This magnet depicts Baymax lying down with Mochi on his stomach.

San Fransokyo Institute of Technology Magnet – $14.99

The final magnet is predominantly in light shades of yellow and features the gear-shaped logo of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

San Fransokyo Ornament – $19.99

The following three ornaments also re-utilize artwork previously seen on other merchandise items, with ribbon hooks attached.

Baymax & Mochi Ornament – $19.99

Big Hero 6 Ornament – $19.99

Baymax Artist Sketches

Guests may also purchase various “Big Hero 6” character sketches. Here is the pricing breakdown:

Basic Artist Sketch
– One character basic – $49
– Two character basic – $69

Premium Artist Sketch
– One character premium – $89
– Two character premium – $109

Here are examples of basic and premium sketches for Baymax.

Which of these items are you most curious about? Let us know in the comments.

Read more about San Fransokyo Square below:

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