Gen Con Announces Overnight Disney Lorcana Line for Ravensburger Booth After Opening Day Organizational Issues

After today’s organizational failures related to lining up to purchase Disney Lorcana product from the Ravensburger booth, Gen Con has announced an overnight line — and it has already opened.

New Disney Lorcana Purchasing Line at Gen Con

Announced on the official Gen Con Twitter, this new line should hopefully alleviate some of the issues attendees experienced today when trying to purchase Disney Lorcana items.

New Disney Lorcana Purchasing Line at Gen Con

The line began at 6 p.m. ET, with stanchions formed outside the Hall F doors at Hoosier Concourse. This line (between the two red ropes) will stay in place overnight and feed into the Ravensburger booth #2001 starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow. The line will start inside, but it is possible it could make its way outside eventually. When we walked by, it was fairly empty.

Gen Con also noted that spaces cannot be held for others, so if you want to purchase the limited Disney Lorcana product before it sells out, you’ll want to get in the queue and wait.

This procedure will also be the same for Friday and Saturday nights.

Crowds waiting to purchase Disney Lorcana at Gen Con

Earlier today, due to limited product and an increased sense of urgency, a crowd formed at the exhibition hall doors and eventually, crowd crushing ensued. Our reporters were separated, and one was slammed and trapped against a door by the rush of people. As it turns out, Ravensburger had a separate line set up elsewhere, and guests who had been waiting all night were redirected to another line — with many of them not make the cutoff to purchase anything from the booth before it all sold out.

Here is a list of what should be available to purchase at the Ravensburger booth, while supplies last:

While these products are available at Gen Con this weekend, the official release will be at specialty stores on August 18. But Ravensburger has been advising local game stores not to allow online orders. Despite this, preorders are available now online at Best Buy.

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