New Star Wars Bantha Burgers Loungefly Purse and Visor Arrive in Disneyland

Celebrate galactic fast food with a new McDonald’s Happy Meal-inspired Star Wars Bantha Burgers Loungefly purse, visor, and magnet. The purse and visor are available at Star Traders in Disneyland, while the magnet is in World of Disney at the Downtown Disney District.

In the “Star Wars” series, Banthas are large mammoth-like creatures native to Tatooine. They’re often used by Tusken Raiders and first appeared in “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.”

Star Wars Bantha Burgers Visor – $29.99

The visor resembles one worn by a McDonald’s employee, with a bit of a retro touch. The brim is a translucent red with an image of a Bantha on it.

The black fabric on the front of the head strap features a Bantha Burgers logo, with the name printed in English and Aurebesh. The twin suns of Tatooine are in the background.

The back of the head strap is striped red and white.

There’s padding on the inside.

Star Wars Bantha Burgers Loungefly Bag – $95

The purse is mainly red and shaped like the distinctive Happy Meals box, with two handles on top.

Embroidered on the top of one side is the Bantha Burgers logo.

Below that is an image of a Bantha Burger with a blue bun, French fries in a red container, a blue ice cream cone, Bantha Milk, and a Bantha box. The meal apparently comes “complete with droid toy.”

The other side of the purse resembles the pictured Bantha box. It’s brown, with fur seeming to hang over its eyes, a white mouth, and black nostrils. Two curled yellow horns stick out of the top.

The “Star Wars” and Loungefly plaque is on one of the small side panels.

On the other small side is a Bantha Milk container bag charm.

The 2% Bantha Milk is from Tatooine Farms.

This is actually a small zip pouch, perfect for change.

Behind the detachable bag charm is another Bantha Burgers logo.

Bantha Burgers are “free range & locally sourced!”

The purse snaps closed. The interior lining is striped red and white.

It comes with a detachable red crossbody strap.

Bantha Burgers Magnet – $14.99

This magnet is a rounded square featuring a Wookiee resembling Chewbacca eating a blue Bantha Burger.

“Try a delicious Bantha Burger” is at the top. The bottom reads: “Served on our signature blue milk bun!”

Will you be carrying a Bantha Burgers bag or wearing a Bantha Burgers visor in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments.

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