PHOTOS: Bakery Tour Silo Uncovered, More Decorative Paneling Added to Torii Gate Bridge for San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure

With just 11 days until San Fransokyo Square opens at Disney California Adventure, work continues to add those final touches to the reimagined land.

Bakery Tour Silo Uncovered

After being covered in scrim since the beginning of August, the silo that stands tall above The Bakery Tour is now scrim-free and sporting new art.

The silo has a giant logo for Boudin Bakery painted on it, with Japanese characters on the logo and beneath it.

Below that, two red and blue bands wrap around the entire silo and feature more Japanese characters.

This Cast Members Only entrance has been decorated to be an overnight deliveries door.

Here’s a look at one of the entrances to the tour, which now has Japanese characters on both sides of the doors, as well as new decorative signs.

The signs are inspired by bread baking paddles.

The Bakery Tour also has these hanging signs, featuring the same Japanese characters included on other signage.

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop Gets Overhang Signage

We spotted this painted signage on the overhang for Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

The signage is navy blue, matching with the rest of the navy blue throughout the shop, and features more Japanese characters alongside other descriptors in English like “Hot Fudge Sundaes” and “Chocolate.”

Turbines Added to Rita’s Turbine Blenders Sign

New turbines have been added to the sign for Rita’s Turbine Blenders.

Three turbines of different shapes and sizes were added, but all retain the same brushed brown metal coloring.

Strands of wiring have also been added around the roof for Rita’s, adding to alternate future, techy feel of San Fransokyo Square.

The wiring also extends down and around a pipe.

More Wiring Hung Throughout San Fransokyo Square

This wire garland continues in other parts of San Fransokyo Square, including above the Baymax bathrooms.

The wiring once again wraps around most of the roof here, as it does in other places.

All of this wiring gives the idea that the entire land is connected.

There’s also some wiring present at Lucky Fortune Cookery, connected to the restaurant’s neon sign.

New Pink Outdoor Umbrellas Appear

We spotted some new-to-us pink umbrellas outside Aunt Cass Café, the second bakery café operated by Hiro’s aunt.

The pink pairs nicely with the blue and white of the new San Fransokyo Square trash cans we reported on last month.

Exterior Karl Strauss Brewing Company Art Complete

Scaffolding has come down at the back of Cocina Cucamonga, revealing the completed art for Karl Strauss Brewing Company that we spotted being worked on earlier this month.

The garage doors feature the Karl Strauss Brewing Company logo, with Japanese characters above each door.

While the scaffolding has come down in this area, construction walls are still present below the doors.

Work Continues on Torii Gate Bridge

More “international orange” decorative paneling is being added to the bridge, with the other bottom horizontal beam being added since our last update.

The primary entrance bridge to the land is still closed while this installation is taking place.

Construction crews were actively working on the bridge during our visit, installing the next rung of horizontal paneling.

Crews were working on both sides at the same time, no doubt trying to get this decorative aspect complete with only a short time to go before the land officially opens.

In this photo, you can clearly see the openings on either side of the horizontal paneling, which presumably allows workers to secure the beam to its vertical supports.

Are you excited to see San Fransokyo get closer and closer to completion? What element are you most excited to see when the land opens later this month? Let us know in the comments below.

San Fransokyo Square Details

Pacific Wharf’s primary entrance bridge is currently closed for installation of the Torii gate towers, turning it into the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge.

Locations from the Cappuccino Cart to The Bakery Tour will also be decked out in street art and colorful banners celebrating the “Big Hero 6” team.

Guests will be able to interact with Hiro and Baymax outside the Hamada Bot Shop.

Near the Hamada Bot Shop will be the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, a storefront stocked with unique apparel, homewares, and more featuring Baymax and friends. As seen in the concept art above, the market’s shelves are situated on robot storage cases, with decommissioned battle bots on display. Hiro’s Megabot will be in the rafters above.

Across from the Maker’s Market, vending machines will have golden medallions featuring Baymax and other San Fransokyo images.

Dining options will include current Pacific Wharf venues and new options inspired by Asian cuisine and “Big Hero 6.”

Pacific Wharf Café will become Aunt Cass Café, the second bakery café operated by Hiro’s aunt. It will serve soups in freshly-baked Boudin sourdough bread bowls and more inspired by Japanese cuisine. On the outside of this quick service restaurant, you’ll find a mural of Aunt Cass’ lucky pet cat, Mochi.

An old fishing net tannery across from the café is being converted to Rita’s Turbine Blenders, a giant drink dispenser offering margaritas and icy beverages. This refreshment stand is owned by and named after the repair technician who maintains the floating wind turbine, resembling a giant koi fish, that sits atop the structure.

New menu items will also be available at Cocina Cucamonga and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Disney will release an official food guide for San Fransokyo Square soon.

Are you excited to visit San Fransokyo Square? Let us know in the comments.

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