REVIEW: Poison Apple Funnel Cake Adds Sweet Touch & Te Kā Dog Returns to Award Wieners for Halloween in Disney California Adventure

It’s Halloween Time at Disney California Adventure, and Award Wieners is joining the festivities with new Poison Apple Funnel Cake Fries and the returning Te Kā Dog.

Award Wieners

Award Wieners is in Hollywood Land next to Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

Halloween Menu

  • 🆕 Poison Apple Funnel Cake Fries – $9.99
  • Te Kā Dog – $15.49

*NEW* Poison Apple Funnel Cake Fries – $9.99

Dusted with Cinnamon Sugar and topped with Candied Apple Compote, Whipped Topping, and Green Apple Glaze

This is a nice departure from other seasonal funnel cakes at Disneyland Resort, as it’s not an abrasively sweet sugar bomb that infiltrates the tastebuds with sweetness. It’s instead very edible; the funnel cake “fries” are warm and crispy and taste like traditional funnel cakes despite the way in which they’re served. The whipped topping is a nice mixture of function and flare, with the substantial dollop of not-overly sweet whipped topping adding just a bit of needed creaminess to the dessert.

There is certainly a lot of the topping, and while the gummy worm emerging from the mound doesn’t add anything to the dish taste-wise, the two elements combine to make for a cute photo.

We’re not sure if we’d call the apple compote a “compote,” as we found four rather large apple chunks mixed in. The apple flavor, however, is not overpowering despite its presence in the compote and glaze, with the apple elements adding another layer of subtle sweetness to this well-rounded, approachable dish.

Te Kā Dog – $15.49

Sweet & Spicy Pulled Pork with a Fiery Tropical Chutney served on a Toasted Bun with Cuties Mandarin Oranges or Filmstrip Fries

This is a footlong hot dog, not a footlong bun and not a footlong of toppings. This award-winning wiener hangs out from either side and looks a little comical, but tastes great.

The pulled pork and spicy tropical chutney are wonderful together, and where they do intersect with the hot dog, it makes for a delicious meal.

This is rather spicier than other menu items we’ve had at Disneyland Resort. Often, things that are labeled as spicy or claim to include ghost pepper tend to skimp on the heat. And while this one isn’t unbearably hot, it definitely has a kick to it that may scare off more timid diners.

The flavors all work well together, though it’s hard to pick out individual fruits within the tropical chutney as the heat level grows.

Halloween offerings at Disneyland will be available through November 9.

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