VIDEO: Ravensburger Releases New Video Teasing the Narrative of Disney Lorcana

A new video has been shared to the official Ravensburger North America YouTube channel that teases the overall narrative that players will explore in Disney Lorcana,

Disney Lorcana Teaser Trailer

Disney Lorcana Narrative Teaser Video

In the video, an unnamed woman leaves what appears to be a poetry reading looking frustrated at the small and disinterested crowd.

Disney Lorcana Narrative Teaser Video

Upon walking outside into an alleyway, the symbol for the card game appears, glowing on the ground.

Disney Lorcana Narrative Teaser Video

In a flash of bright light, the woman opens her eyes and finds herself inside a grand and wide-open hall. The symbol glows brightly on the ground.

Disney Lorcana Narrative Teaser Video

The camera then zooms out to show a planetary-like place, gilded in white and gold architecture with a multicolored glow. The video then ends, proclaiming that this is “The First Chapter” of the trading card game.

You can watch the teaser for yourself below.

Are you excited to learn more about the plot behind the new game? You can read more about our coverage surrounding the game’s recent release at Gen Con below:

Disney Lorcana arrives in local game stores on August 18. Pre-orders were available on Best Buy’s website, but all have since sold out.

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