‘Encanto’ Collection Featuring Spirit Jersey, Youth Apparel, & More Available at Disneyland Resort

A new collection featuring stylized artwork inspired by “Encanto” has arrived at Disneyland. The new line displaying vibrant depictions of Mirabel, Bruno, Luisa, and the rest of the Madrigal family contains a Spirit Jersey, apron, pet poncho, and a litany of other products.

New ‘Encanto’ Collection at Disneyland Resort

We found the vast majority of these items at the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland. We found the photo frame, bowl, apron, and pet poncho at Disney Home in the Downtown Disney District.

‘Encanto’ Spirit Jersey – $79.99

The white base of the spirit jersey acts as an effective canvas for the colorful artwork.

An illustration of Pico, a toucan that often appears beside Antonio throughout the 2021 film, is printed over the left breast.

Four members of the Madgrial family — Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, and Camilo — appear at the bottom of the shirt. They’re surrounded by vivid butterflies, flowers, and plants.

A Disney tag is stitched to the bottom left corner of the front of the shirt.

Dolores appears on the left sleeve. She, too, is surrounded by butterflies and flowers, and she’s holding her right hand to her ear.

Rats sit atop flowers on the other sleeve.

“Time to Shine” is across the back of the Spirit Jersey. Dark blue flowers with bright detailing serve as the type’s backdrop.

Beneath the text is a stylized depiction of Bruno. He is bordered by plants and butterflies as Antonio looks on from the background on the back of the jaguar Parce.

Bruno T-Shirt – $34.99

An expanded version of the Bruno artwork seen on the back of the Spirit Jersey is available on a dark green t-shirt.

Bruno is wearing his green poncho and is surrounded by rats, just as he often is in the film. Plants and flowers create a rectangular border around him.

There is no design on the back of the shirt.

Isabela Mug – $19.99

This black stoneware mug depicts Isabela similarly to show she’s depicted on the front of the Spirit Jersey.

Her dress is pink instead of purple. Flowers and leaves grow behind her and around the mug. She holds a yellow flower and butterflies fly around her.

The mug is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

Bucket Hat – $34.99

The panels of the bucket hat alternate between blue and black, with blue stitching. Isabela is pictured on a blue panel, next to a black panel of pink flowers.

Luisa is pictured on the next blue panel. A butterfly is perched on her fist.

‘Encanto’ Photo Frame – $29.99

The acrylic photo frame holds a 4″ x 6″ photo frame.

Isabela is pictured in pink in the bottom right corner. Giant vibrant flowers and palm fronds branch out around her in a border.

The back is blue.

‘Encanto’ Bowl – $39.99

The bowl is similar to the mug, being black with vibrant flowers all around it. Casita Madrigal is pictured on one side with palm trees rising behind, in front of a bright yellow sun.

The bowl is stoneware and 1,890 mL / 68 oz.

‘Encanto’ Apron – $34.99

The apron is a light blue similar in color to Julieta’s dress. Julieta’s magical gift is healing cooking.

Luisa, Isabela, and Mirabel are pictured above the dark blue pocket. A large butterfly is embroidered near the neck.

On the pocket is a patch of three flowers and another embroidered butterfly.

More flowers and butterflies are printed along the bottom.

The straps are dark blue.

Bruno Pet Poncho – $39.99

Pets can dress up as Uncle Bruno this Halloween with this green hooded poncho.

It has a hole at the neck for a leash to go through.

Bruno is pictured on the back among palm fronds and a couple rat friends.

The sleeves have an hourglass border.

‘Encanto’ Smart Watch Band – $36.99

This pleather watch band is dark blue. Isabela is pictured on one side, while Luisa is on the other.

Dolores Headphone Case – $19.99

Dolores is on the pleather headphone case, with green and blue flowers around her. Like the watch band, the case is dark blue.

Luisa Phone Wallet – $21.99

The phone wallet is light blue with Luisa on a cream-colored patch in the corner. It has a flower-shaped metal ring below the card slots.

Casita Figure – $80

Casita Madrigal is depicted in colorful three-dimensional blocks with pink rooftops on this light-up figure.

The yellow lights shine through the open windows of the house.

Mirabel and her sisters are in the doorway. Antonio stands to one side.

The back of the house is flat.

The battery pack and switch are on the bottom of the figure.

‘Encanto’ Magnet Set – $14.99

This set includes four circular magnets:

  • A teal magnet featuring Isabela in a blue dress
  • A dark blue magnet featuring Mirabel among flowers
  • A yellow magnet featuring Luisa flexing
  • A pink magnet featuring Dolores listening intently

‘Encanto’ Youth Dress – $39.99

This youth dress is a teal green color with an all-over pattern of flowers, butterflies, and “Encanto” characters.

The featured characters are Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Camilo, Dolores, and Bruno.

‘Encanto’ Onesie – $29.99

The onesie has the same pattern as the youth dress.

‘Encanto’ Youth Zip-Up Hoodie – $39.99

The hoodie is a light blue with a dense pattern of green and yellow plants.

Antonio, Camilo, and Bruno are among the plants, with Antonio and Bruno’s animal companions.

It’s a zip-up hoodie with two pockets.

Bruno Youth Tee – $26.99

Lastly, this youth tee is a pale orange color with stripes of flowers and butterflies.

Bruno is pictured on a breast pocket with two of his rats.

Most of this “Encanto” collection is also available in Walt Disney World.

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