New ‘Ahsoka’ Clothing, Collectible Bust, & More Available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As Ahsoka Tano continues her quest to find a lost friend on the “Ahsoka” Disney+ series, you can find yourself sporting some brand new “Ahsoka” merchandise. A brand new collection of “Ahsoka” items, including t-shirts, hoodies, legacy lightsabers, and more, is now available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort.

New Ahsoka Merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We found all of these items at Keystone Clothiers on Hollywood Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Unless noted in the item description, all of this merchandise is also available on shopDisney.

Ahsoka Adult T-Shirt – $29.99

This black t-shirt features the series logo layered atop imagery found in the show’s outro sequence. Various circles and lines overlap to create a map-like image; to avoid spoilers, we don’t describe what the combination of shapes depicts.

Rune-like type surrounds two sections of the outer circle. All of this imagery was initially introduced in “Star Wars Rebels,” an animated series that aired on Disney XD from 2014–2018.

Ahsoka Legacy Lightsabers – $349.99

These legacy lightsabers are of a higher make and quality than their toy counterparts. The hilts are intricately decorated and series-accurate.

While legacy versions of Ahsoka’s lightsabers have been available in the past, the box this product comes in advertises an updated product, purporting “new thinner hilts [and] blades.”

While some legacy lightsabers are available on shopDisney, these particular hilts and blades are not. Legacy lightsabers are traditionally available at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Ahsoka Electric Mask – $49.99

This children’s mask features Ahsoka’s brown headband that gives way to her iconic white and teal montrals (head cones) and lekku, the headtails that act as the character’s hair. While Ahsoka herself has three lekku, this mask only features two.

The bottom of each headtail comes disconnected from the mask but can be attached. The mask makes sound effects and utters quotes known by fans of both the Ahsoka character and “Star Wars” in general — “surrender or face the consequences,” “may the force be with you,” and “I sense much fear in you.”

Ahsoka Plush – $26.99

This 16-inch polyester plush doll features a cartoon-ified version of Ahsoka that doesn’t look particularly akin to any version of the character previously seen in animation. It’s a semi-original depiction that does feature the character’s defining characteristics; her orange skin, her white face marks, and her three lekku, among other hallmarks.

The back of the doll provides a better view of her montrals and lekku.

Ahsoka Collectible Bust – $140.00

This collectible figurine features Ahsoka holding her two white lightsabers and is a generally accurate and well-detailed depiction of the character. The figure’s face is an incredibly close recreation of Rosario Dawson’s, the actress who portrays the titular Torgruta in the Disney+ series.

The figure is made of 90% polyresin, according to shopDisney.

Ahsoka Pullover Women’s Hoodie – $59.99

This gray hoodie is inspired by Ahsoka’s lekku, as the teal stripes that wrap around the character’s headtails are present on this hoodie’s long sleeves. The shoulder fabric has also been cut out, a reference to the character’s oft-exposed shoulders in all depictions.

The Fulcrum symbol appears on the front of the hoodie in a dark gray; introduced in “Star Wars Rebels,” “Fulcrum” was a title given to anonymous Rebel informants during the reign of the Empire. Ahsoka (spoilers) acts as Fulcrum in the show’s initial season.

Ahsoka Women’s Tank Top – $34.99

This white woman’s tank features a stylized illustration of Ahsoka. The image is partially colored and features her name in an orange and teal type at its base.

Like the hoodie, this tank top features a cut-out detail, though it’s only present on the right shoulder.

Chopper Children’s T-Shirt – $26.99

The sassiest droid in the galaxy is featured on this youth t-shirt. Outlines of Chopper are printed in evolving shades of orange and blue, and his name is written in a spaced font underneath.

Chopper was a main character in “Star Wars Rebels” and also appears in “Ahsoka.” This item is not available on shopDisney.

Ahsoka Shoulder Cut-Out Children’s T-Shirt – $31.99

This light blue t-shirt also has the shoulder cut-out detailing and features a bold illustration of Ahsoka standing with crossed arms. Ahsoka is donning her white Jedi robe as seen in the “Star Wars Rebels” finale, and the gray shading makes the cloak look akin to one the character has worn at points throughout “The Mandalorian” and “Ahsoka” series’.

Ahsoka Mug – $19.99

This stoneware mug is bright orange in color and features half of the Fulcrum symbol. The rim is lined with Ahsoka’s headband and a teal circle encompasses the base.

The handle is white with teal striping that matches that found on Ahsoka’s lekku.

The interior of the mug is teal and also features the Fulcrum symbol printed in white.

“I Am No Jedi” Prints – $44.99 (large), $14 (small)

These prints of the Stacey Aoyama illustration titled “I Am No Jedi” are available in two sizes. The vibrant illustration depicts a stylized version of the character and is titled after a line Ahsoka says in “Star Wars Rebels.”

A biography of the artist is included on the back of the prints.

Ahsoka Magic Band – $54.99

Though we didn’t find it at Keystone Clothiers, an Ahsoka Magic Band has also been introduced as part of this line. We found it at Disney Clothiers on Main Street. U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom.

The band itself is white and features Ahsoka’s lekku design. The center is orange and contains the Fulcrum logo.

“Ahsoka” on Disney+

A spiritual (and, in a lot of ways, literal) successor to “Star Wars Rebels,” “Ahsoka” follows the character as she enlists the aid of Sabine Wren (portrayed by Natasha Liu Bordizzo) to find Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi), a Jedi who is trapped in an uncharted location. Potentially trapped alongside Ezra is Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen), a former Imperial official who, too, has seekers, and they aim to see the now-fallen Empire return to glory. “Ahsoka” premiered on August 22, and its finale will launch on October 3.

Will you be checking out this new “Ahsoka” merch at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Have you been enjoying “Ahsoka” on Disney+? Let us know in the comments.

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