New Halloween, Muppets, ‘Star Wars’ Bounty Hunters, Rosh Hashanah, and More Pins at Disneyland Resort

Several new open edition, limited release, and limited edition pins have arrived at Disneyland Resort this month. We found new Halloween pins featuring Disney Villains, Muppets pins, “Star Wars” pins featuring Chopper and Bounty Hunters, and much more. Most of these were in Pin Traders at Downtown Disney District or 20th Century Music in Disneyland.

Miss Piggy Pin – $11.99

Miss Piggy is depicted in a cartoon-ish style in front of her pink vanity.

Kermit Pin – $11.99

The cutesy art style of this Kermit pin matches the Miss Piggy one. The green frog is playing his banjo in front of a rainbow.

Animal Pin – $11.99

Animal is playing his red and yellow drums.

Kermit & Fozzie Pin – $14.99

Kermit is in a more traditional art style alongside Fozzie on this pin. “The Muppets” logo is on the bottom.

Limited Edition “Disney Dancing Characters” Brave Little Tailor Mickey Pin – $19.99

The latest in the “Disney Dancing Characters” series is Mickey as he appeared in the “Brave Little Tailor.” These pins have bobble-heads that make them appear to dance.

Limited Release Day of Peace Snow White Pin – $17.99

Celebrate International Day of Peace (September 21) with this pin depicting Snow White with white doves.

Limited Release Kingdom Hearts Pin – $17.99

Sora is shown with Donald and Goofy above a black heart on this pin.

Limited Release Rosh Hashanah Pin – $17.99

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, this pin shows Donald and Daisy eating sliced apples beneath a tree.

Limited Edition “Disney Best Buds” Lady and the Tramp Pin – $19.99

This “Disney Best Buds” pin depicts Lady and the Tramp with their faces close together. A red brick border is around them, and the checked tablecloth from their spaghetti dinner is in the corner.

Limited Release Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit Pin – $17.99

Reward yourself for a successful Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit with this pin depicting the yellow dog in white mummy wrappings as he chases a Mickey jack-o’-lantern. “Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit 2023” is across the top of the pin and it comes on a pumpkin-shaped backing card.

Limited Edition Halloween Villains Pins

All of these Halloween Villains pins have a limited edition size of 3,000. Each one depicts a villain holding an orange pumpkin.

Halloween Old Hag Pin – $19.99

The Old Hag’s pumpkin features a carving of the poison apple. A bubbling potion is behind her.

Halloween Maleficent Pin – $19.99

Maleficent’s pumpkin features her dragon form. Bats fly behind her.

Halloween Scar Pin – $19.99

Scar is in a cloud of green smoke. His pumpkin is carved with a tusked skull from the elephant graveyard.

Halloween Dr. Facilier Pin – $19.99

Dr. Facilier’s pumpkin has a voodoo face carved on it. Purple tarot cards are fanned out behind him.

Halloween Villains Pin Set – $110

This set includes the four above pins, as well as a Hades pin with the villain surrounded by blue flames and holding a pumpkin carved with his skull symbol.

Limited Release Chopper Pin – $17.99

Chopper from “Star Wars Rebels” and “Ahsoka” is on this pin, set against a green background with his name across the bottom.

“Star Wars” Bounty Hunter Pins

The following is a new collection of pins featuring various bounty hunters from the “Star Wars” franchise. The individual pins depict each bounty hunter against a diamond background with their name at the bottom.

Limited Release Boba Fett Pin – $19.99

Boba Fett’s background is red.

Limited Release Mandalorian Pin – $19.99

The Mandalorian holds Grogu against a blue background.

Limited Release Fennec Shand Pin – $19.99

Fennec Shand has a shiny orange background.

Limited Release Bossk Pin – $19.99

Bossk, a Trandoshan who first appeared in “The Empire Strikes Back,” has a sparkling green-yellow background.

Limited Release Cad Bane Pin – $19.99

Lastly, Cad Bane is glowering from a red-orange background.

Limited Release Bounty Hunters Jumbo Pin – $34.99

Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Dengar, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss — all from “The Empire Strikes Back” — are on this jumbo pin. The background is a black circle with “Bounty Hunters” in red lettering.

Limited Release The Mandalorian Jumbo Pin – $34.99

This circular pin shows Din Djarin, a.k.a. The Mandalorian, and his famous line: “I can bring you in warm…or I can bring you in cold.”

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