New Star Wars Bantha Burgers Shirts, Jacket, & More Land at Disneyland Resort

Getting fast food from a galaxy far, far away is surprisingly easy — new merchandise celebrating Bantha Burgers, an aesthetically vintage, but entirely fictional fast-food chain from the “Star Wars” universe, is now available at Disneyland Resort.

New Bantha Burgers Merchandise

This new merchandise is part of a recently introduced line available at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. We previously reported on a Bantha Burgers visor and Happy Meal-inspired Loungfly bag available at Disneyland Resort, and while we’ve spotted most of the following merchandise around Walt Disney World, this is our first time seeing it in California.

We found these items at both Star Wars Trading Post and World of Disney, both located in the Downtown Disney District. An important side note before commencing — Bantha Burgers does not exist in the Star Wars universe. It’s a fictional chain made-up entirely for this line of merchandise.

Bantha Burgers Sweatpants – $49.99

These gray sweatpants feature a red-and-white striped drawstring and an elastic material around the ankles. Four logos appear down the legs; one features a playful illustration of a bantha with “Star Wars” arched above it, another features a Bantha Burger (complete with blue milk bun), the third depicts an order of Bantha Fries, and the final image features a small carton of Bantha Milk with a refreshing glass beneath it.

On the upper right thigh, a Bantha Meal box appears next to a carton of Bantha Milk. “Star Wars, A Twin Sun Delight, Free Range, Locally Sourced, Dine In, Hover Thru” is printed below.

Bantha Burgers T-Shirt – $34.99

This light-yellow shirt features the Bantha Burgers logo with “Bantha Burgers” written in both English and Aurebesh above it. “Free Range & Locally Sourced” is embroidered below.

The back of the shirt again features “Bantha Burgers” written in both English and Aurebesh, the words backlit by the twin suns of Tattooine. Beneath the text are images of Bantha Burger’s menu items; there are depictions of Bantha Milk, the Bantha Burger, Bantha Fries, the Bantha Meal, and a Bantha Cone. Each item is labeled in Aurebesh.

A barcode design sits beneath the item illustrations. “Dine In Hover Thru” is printed in red above the code while “Tattooine Mos Eisley” is printed beneath it. The barcode design also appears as a tag on most of the items in this line.

Bantha Burgers Crewneck Sweatshirt – $59.99

This gray crew neck has a red-and-white-striped pattern on the back of the neck that evokes feelings of 1960s Americana. “Star Wars” is embroidered on the front atop three illustrations; one of C-3PO holding an order of Bantha Fries, another of Chewbacca gripping a Bantha Burger, and a third of a Stormtrooper holding a picture-perfect Bantha Cone.

“A Twin Sun Delight!, Free Range, Locally Source, Dine In, Hover Thru” is embroidered beneath the Stormtrooper image.

We get to see Chewbacca enjoying his burger on the back of the crewneck; “Served on our signature Blue Milk Bun!” is written below the image, with “Served on our Signature” embroidered in red thread.

The C-3PO image again appears on the back, this time next to an illustration of R2-D2 serving a delicious glass of blue milk. The Bantha Burger logo is embroidered over the R2-D2 image, with the twin suns of Tattooine again making an appearance overhead.

Blue Milk Cropped Sweatshirt – $54.99

This cropped sweatshirt is gray and features the same red-and-white-striped neck design as the crewneck sweatshirt. An enlarged design engulfs its front; the R2-D2 illustration from the crewneck is here, situated in front of text that reads “Enjoy Blue Milk.”

“Enjoy” is embroidered in red thread, as is “Star Wars’ beneath the “Blue Milk” text. “A Twin Sun Delight! Free Range, Locally Sourced, Dine In, Hover Thru” is printed beneath the Star Wars embroidery.

“A Twin Sun Delight!” is printed on the back of the cropped sweater, with Tattooine’s two suns appearing behind the text.

Bantha Burgers Collared Jacket – $89.99

This jacket fits the classic aesthetic of the rest of the line. The large red, yellow, and baby blue Bantha Burgers logo printed on the back effectively sticks out against the navy hue of the jacket. The sleeves feature vertical red and white detailing.

The front of the jacket is equipped with a Bantha Burgers nametag and the same Star Wars text found on many other items throughout the line. Bantha Burger and Bantha Cone pins sit atop the nametag, and there’s even a Bantha Meal box printed near the bottom of the jacket.

Bantha Burgers Button-Down Shirt – $59.99

This button-down shirt is an off-white color and features R2-D2 serving a blue milk embroidered over the left breast. He stands in front of the two moons of Tattooine, and the words “Star Wars” are arched above him.

The back of the shirt features no designs.

Will you be checking out the new Bantha Burgers line at Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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