PHOTOS, VIDEO: Avengers Vault Now Open at Disney California Adventure

Avengers hopefuls now have a new place to shop in Avengers Campus, as Avengers Vault is now open at Disney California Adventure.

Avengers Vault

We got a look at the store’s new sign yesterday, but here’s a better look without the metal and cloth barriers in the way.

Inside is a vast array of merchandise for all your favorite Marvel Super Heroes, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and more.

The interior of the store features a mostly silver and white color palette.

The ceiling has multiple hexagonal light fixtures overhead.

Even Loki has his own small section.

Guests can choose to check out in person at the cash wrap or via Mobile Checkout through the Disneyland app.

Avengers Vault is also the place to buy the Infinity Stones, their matching relics, and gauntlets.

Infinity Stone Relics

Here’s a closer look at the relics available for purchase.

The Iron Man Nano Gauntlet is right-handed, while the Thanos Gauntlet is left-handed.

Each of these relics can be purchased individually, or you can purchase the Infinity Stone Briefcase, which includes all but one of the set.

Avengers Vault Exit

Here’s a look at the other entrance and exit for Avengers Vault, offering guests two ways in and out of the store.

Watch our video tour of the Avengers Vault below.

The Super Store Featuring Avengers Campus

With the opening of Avengers Vault, the former Marvel retail space, The Super Store featuring Avengers Campus, closed in Hollywood Land on September 14.

Here’s a look at what the space looks like today.

Avengers Campus Multiverse Attraction

Though not officially confirmed, this store is presumably the exit gift shop for the long-awaited E-ticket attraction for Avengers Campus, which will see guests go up against King Thanos, a version of the villain who “won,” as they battle alongside Super Heroes from across the Marvel Multiverse.

Most recently, fans at Destination D23 got a first look at concept art for the attraction’s ride vehicle, which was described as a “world-jumping vehicle” that combines elements of Tony Stark’s time-suits from the films, Xandarian jump points, and Wakandan technology.

What do you think of the newest store in Avengers Campus? Did you ever visit The Super Store Featuring Avengers Campus before it closed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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