REVIEW: New Blueberry Ginger Lemonade Cocktail, Pickle Michelada, and More Refreshing Drinks at Hollywood Lounge in Disney California Adventure

Several new lemonade cocktails and other refreshing drinks have arrived at Hollywood Lounge in Disney California Adventure: Blueberry-Ginger Lemonade Cocktail, Pickle Michelada, Watermelon-Green Apple Lemonade Cocktail, Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade Cocktail, Lavender Lemonade Cocktail, and Agua Fresca: Hibiscus Watermelon by Calidad Beer. Note that Hollywood Lounge has a 2-drink max per person. We didn’t drink all of these at once and neither should you.

Blueberry-Ginger Lemonade Cocktail – $18

Blueberry-Ginger Lemonade, choice of Liqueur and Blueberries

This cocktail is extremely refreshing. It’s not too sweet and is very light. The blueberry is heavier than the ginger, for sure.

We could barely taste the alcohol, which is to be expected with lounge drinks. It’s a delightful cocktail we would get again.

Pickle Michelada – $15

Modelo Especial, Pickle Juice, Tomato Mix, Chile-Lime Seasoning and a Pickle Spear

The Pickle Michelada is amazing. For a pickle fan, this one is delicious with a subtle dill pickle flavor in the beer. And we always love a tajin rim and tomatillo.

Pickle and beer lovers will really enjoy this one.

Watermelon-Green Apple Lemonade Cocktail – $18

Watermelon-Green Apple Lemonade, choice of Spirit, Watermelon Candy and Chile-Lime Seasoning

The Watermelon Apple Cocktail is one of our favorites of the new options.

It’s pretty sweet, but the flavors are yummy. We love that they put a lollipop in there as well.

It’s also nice to be able to choose your spirit.

Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade Cocktail – $18

Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade with your choice of Liqueur, garnished with Chopped Kiwi and Strawberries and served with a Sugar Rim

The Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade is refreshing and has a great balance of both the strawberry kiwi and lemonade flavors.

We got vodka in ours, but you can also choose whiskey, rum, tequila, or gin. Like the other drinks, the alcohol wasn’t obvious.

We liked the fruit on top. It wasn’t our favorite cocktail, but still good.

Lavender Lemonade Cocktail – $18

Lavender Lemonade, choice of Liqueur, Lavender Sprig and a Sugar Rim

This one was a lot sweeter than we thought it would be. It has a strong lavender flavor, so might be good for people who don’t like fruity drinks.

It’s refreshing, but not our preferred cocktail flavors.

Agua Fresca: Hibiscus Watermelon by Calidad – $13

The Aagua Fresca is strange. Right at the top, it tastes like bread. We didn’t get any hibiscus or watermelon flavor.

The carbonation is nice for a beer person, but the flavors are all over the place. We weren’t sure what was going on and we wouldn’t go for it again. 

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