REVIEW: New Guava and Cheese Pretzel at Disneyland for Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month

If you’ve found yourself hankering for a sweet treat after taking a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you won’t have to venture far: the pretzel cart near the ride has this guava and cheese pretzel, served in honor of Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month.

Guava and Cheese Pretzel – $8.25

Cream Cheese Pretzel dusted with Cinnamon and Sugar, served with a Side of Guava Dipping Sauce

This guava and cheese pretzel is served dusted in cinnamon and sugar.

The guava and cheese pretzel is stuffed with cream cheese.

The pretzel is served with a side of goiabada, or guava sauce.

The guava and cheese pretzel is thick, and is served warm.

Even though our guava and cheese pretzel was a little cold, the flavor of the cream cheese and cinnamon sugar with the guava dip was very good. We thought the whole treat was very sweet, but we really enjoyed the goiabada (guava dip), which was refreshing and not artificial tasting. Overall, it is a nice sweet snack.

Will you be trying a guava and cheese pretzel? Let us know in the comments.

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