REVIEW: Spiced Shaak and Golden Lichen Grains & Yobshrimp Tiingilar Stew Arrive at Docking Bay 7 in Disneyland Park for Fall 2023

With fall arriving at Disneyland Park, new seasonal menu items are being added — including two new options at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Spiced Shaak and Golden Lichen Grains – $17.99

tumeric basmati rice, ditalini pasta, beef arrabbiata sauce, charred onion

Shaak are gentle creatures from Naboo, though they are raised on many planets for their meat. The golden lichen that gives the rice its color is native to Batuu. Oga Garra hires locals to harvest the lichen from the spires.

The Spiced Shaak and Golden Lichen Grains is an interesting dish thanks to its combination of flavors.

The beef mixed with tomato and yogurt sauce works very well.

The beef is also cooked well, and we enjoyed the rice with the pasta and peas mixed in.

Overall, this dish was quite flavorful, and our favorite of the two we tried.

Yobshrimp Tiingilar Stew – $17.99

hearty shrimp and sausage stew, orecchiette pasta

Yobshrimp are a type of sea creature native to Naboo. They were first mentioned in a 1999 video game but did not appear in any of the films. While mentioned on a menu in “The Mandalorian,” they made their first debut for Galaxy’s Edge.

Tiingilar is a Mandalorian stew. Mandalorian cuisine is known for its high levels of heat, and Tiingilar is supposed to be extremely spicy. Their dishes were usually crafted to cause heturam, which is the Mando’a word to describe the intense burning feeling in your mouth after eating spicy food.

The Yobshrimp Tiingilar Stew is good, but the true star of the show is the shrimp.

The pasta and broth are pretty bland, but the seasoning on the shrimp is delicious.

We’re not a fan of the giant bell pepper pieces, and wish they had been chopped up just a bit smaller.

Have you tried either of these seasonal offerings yet? What’s your favorite dish from Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments.

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