Salvaged Redwood Haunted Mansion Plaque, Bride and Queen of Hearts Sculptures at Disneyland

Unique Haunted Mansion and Queen of Hearts artwork is currently available at the Disneyana shop in Disneyland.

There is a Haunted Mansion plaque made of salvaged redwood by Daniels Wood Land, and one-of-a-kind Bride and Queen of Hearts sculptures by Miss Mindy.

Haunted Mansion Plaque – $2,300

The wooden plaque resembles the sign outside the Haunted Mansion attraction, but is stained dark brown and black.

The border features intricate leaf carvings, with a demonic face on top.

“The Haunted Mansion” is carved into the center.

The plaque on display is number 38 of 99 created by Daniels Wood Land, who also created the salvaged redwood “it’s a small world” hippo figure we spotted at Walt Disney World earlier this summer.

A similar Haunted Mansion plaque and figures also made of salvaged redwood trees were released at Walt Disney World in 2019.

This plaque comes in a wooden trunk with the ride’s purple wallpaper on the inside of the lid and “The Haunted Mansion” on the front.

During D23 Expo last year, Disney announced that they would be teaming up with Daniels Wood Land to salvage trees that had completed their “circle of life” and recycle them into keepsake Disney products. End-of-life trees must be removed from Disney Parks for safety, but the upcycling process gives them a second life and supports sustainability.

The effort was founded by Disneyland Resort Cast Member Ronda Wood, who started at the resort as a gardener over 25 years ago.

“These are living elements that have been in the park for generations,” Wood said of the trees, “and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to create a program that can give those trees a new path.”

At the time, Disney donated $25,000 to the non-profit TreePeople, which plants and cares for trees in mountains and urban neighborhoods in Southern California. They also gave away 1,000 unique wooden medallions to D23 Expo attendees.

“Little Leota” Bride Sculpture – $8,500

This piece by Miss Mindy is titled “Little Leota,” but seems to actually be inspired by the ride’s ghost bride, Constance Hatchaway (unless we missed some new Haunted Mansion lore).

It has a shimmery finish of different shades of blue and white, with the Bride wearing a bowtie and holding a bouqet featuring skulls. A long, tattered veil hangs around her. The sculpture comes with a coffin-shaped box decorated with a vine and skulls.

Watch Miss Mindy create the sculpture and her coffin in the Instagram video below.

Queen of Hearts Couture – $9,200

The Queen of Hearts is depicted in a couture red, black, and white outfit, holding her heart-topped staff and wearing a dainty crown. She comes in a black box with red painted decorations.

See Miss Mindy’s video of this sculpture below.

Miss Mindy also has a new mixed media piece titled “Happy Haunts” on display in Disneyana. Prints are available at the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney District.

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