Full List (with Prices) of 2023 Disneyland Christmas Merchandise

Christmas has arrived at Disneyland Resort in the form of a new 2023 Christmas merchandise collection featuring Mickey & Friends.

2023 Holiday and Christmas Merchandise

We saw the Christmas merchandise collection at the Emporium in Disneyland and at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District.

Green Spirit Jersey – $79.99

This first Spirit Jersey is green like a Christmas tree, with “Disneyland Resort” in golden lettering across the back. The letters are rimmed with colorful Christmas lights. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto are pictured preparing for Christmas around a tree with presents.

On the front are Peter Pan, Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Bambi, and Thumper — all unwrapping presents. Tinker Bell is adding an extra sparkle to the Disneyland logo on the left breast.

Blue Spirit Jersey – $79.99 for adults, $59.99 for youth

The light blue jersey has an all-over pattern featuring snowflakes, and vignettes of Mickey & Friends enjoying the holidays. The Disneyland logo is in white on the left breast.

“Disneyland Resort” is in white across the back.

We also found this Spirit Jersey in youth sizes.

Glow in the Dark Ear Headband – $39.99

We first saw this ear headband at Disneyland Paris last week. It has a puffy red bow and the ears look like green wreaths.

Mickey and Minnie poke out of the wreaths, dressed in red and white Christmas outfits. Mickey balances a present on his finger.

There are colorful lights on the wreaths around them.

The backs of the ears are a darker green, which matches the headband.

The Disney and Loungefly plaque is on the right side of the headband.

Glow in the Dark Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

The Loungefly mini backpack is mainly green. On the front is a Christmas tree, with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Simba, Dumbo, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy gathered around it.

Stitch is flying overhead in his red spaceship, and you can actually move his pleather piece. The Cheshire Cat and Alice are exchanging gifts on one side of the backpack.

The zippers and pockets are lined with red. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are on the other side pocket.

The straps are half green and half red. Genie, Pinocchio, Thumper, and Bambi are on the back with more presents.

The zippers are golden. The bag is designed to hold an ear headband, too, thanks to a zip-up pocket on the front. The interior lining is blue-green with an all-over pattern of character-inspired ornaments.

Train Set – $149.99

The new train set includes an engine, three cars, and a caboose. The red and gold engine is the Lilly Belle. Mickey and Minnie are pictured in the compartment windows.

“Holiday Express” is on one of the cars. Chip, Dale, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are peering out of the caboose. One car is a flatbed with figures of Mickey & Friends caroling and checking presents.

The set includes two railroad crossing lights and a Mickey-shaped remote. The train plays “Deck the Halls.”

Hoodie – $59.99

The pullover hoodie is red.

Several Disney characters are on the front, which reads “Do not open until Christmas.”

Tee – $29.99 for adults, $21.99 for youth

This green T-shirt features the Disney characters from the other merch gathered around a Christmas tree and stacks of presents. It reads “Jolly Holly Days to you!”

The back is blank.

“Disneyland” is on the left sleeve in red.

We also found this shirt in youth sizes.

Crocs – $58.88 for adults, $49.99 for youth

Kids can wear their Christmas cheer on their feet thanks to these Crocs.

They are green inside and red outside.

The shoes feature the same Disney characters as the other merch. Snowflakes are on the straps. Two 3-D gift boxes are on the toes. There are holly charms, too.

The bottoms are green.

Adult versions of these Crocs were released later.

They have the same design, down to the presents on the toes.

Mickey Stocking – $34.99

The Mickey stocking is blue-green, with red trim around the top.

Mickey is pictured balancing a gift box on his finger. He’s dressed in a Santa coat and hat. Snowflakes are embroidered around him.

Minnie Stocking – $34.99

Minnie’s stocking is pink with blue-green trim.

She’s holding a candy cane and wearing a striped skirt, red capelet, and Santa hat.

Throw Pillow – $44.99

Decorate your couch like your tree with this large red Mickey-shaped ornament pillow. It has a white circle on the front with a green castle silhouette in the center.

Silver and gold pieces on top make the pillow look like an ornament ready to be hung.

Throw Blanket – $44.99

The throw blanket is 50 in. x 60 in.

It’s mostly green and comes tied with a red ribbon.

The design features Mickey, Minnie, and other characters, with Cinderella Castle in the background. The other side is white with various ornaments on it.

Tree Topper – $39.99

The golden tree topper is shaped like a snowflake with a Mickey head cut out of the center.

Ornament – $24.99

This first ornament is a blue-green bauble with a red ribbon.

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip, and Dale are pictured around a Christmas tree on one side.

“Jolly Holly Days to You!” is on a ribbon across the other side.

Ornament – $29.99

This transparent ornament has a red velvet bow on top.

Mickey and Minnie figures are inside the ornament, which is open on one side.

They stand with two Christmas presents.

The other side is painted with a wreath and “2023.”

Slippers & Socks Set – $44.99 for adults, $34.99 for youth

This shoewear set includes a pair of slippers and matching fuzzy socks.

The slippers are green with a white edge.

Mickey is on one slipper and Donald is on the other, handing each other presents. Snowflakes are embroidered around them.

The socks are green plaid with white tops featuring holly.

The set is also available for kids.

Below are holiday items we found for sale at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District.

Hanukkah Plates – $44.99

This set includes four Hanukkah-themed plates. The plates are dark blue with gold and white accents, and feature art of Mickey heads, menorahs, and more.

The plates come tied with a cream-colored ribbon.

Hanukkah Serving Plate – $29.99

This Mickey-shaped Hanukkah serving plate offers a large center area, alongside two smaller serving areas as Mickey’s “ears.” The plate is dark blue with a gold edge, and includes art of Mickey’s head, dreidels, menorahs, and more.

Hanukkah Cookie Cutter Set – $24.99

You can bake festive cookies with this Hanukkah cookie cutter set. The set includes five cookie cutters, in the shapes of a star, a dreidel, a menorah, and small and large Mickey heads.

‘Love You a Latke’ Tea Towel – $19.99

This Hanukkah-themed tea towel is blue and gold, and features Minnie and Daisy Duck, as they share a plate of latkes. The phrase “Love you a Latke” is embroidered in white beneath them.

The towel has an overall repeating pattern of various Hanukkah icons.

Set of Three Small Bowls – $39.99

Bring some magic to your kitchen with this set of three small bowls.

All three are included in the set, and come stacked together and tied with a white ribbon.

Set of Four Large Bowls – $49.99

There is also a large bowl set, this time with four bowls in red, yellow, white, and gray.

Mickey Head Mug – $16.99

This mug matches the bowls above. With a tan overall color and white, yellow, red, and gray accents, this mug is sure to bring the autumn vibes to your kitchen.

The inside of the mug is white.

Motifs of Mickey’s head repeat all around the mug.

Mickey Head Pitcher – $34.99

There is also a matching pitcher.

The pitcher is also tan, and features the same art as that of the mug.

The inside of the pitcher is glazed white.

Balsam Fir Scented Candle – $29.99

Complete the look with this scented candle. It comes in a white jar with a wooden lid.

The lid has a wood-burned Mickey head outlined on top.

The candle is balsam fir scented, and we thought it smelled great.

Holiday Greetings Mickey Ornament – $29.99

A pair of Mickey and Minnie holiday ornaments are also available. This one depicts Mickey dressed in a Santa hat and coat, holding up a present inside a glass dome.

The back of the ornament says “Holiday Greetings” in blue.

Holiday Greetings Minnie Ornament – $29.99

The Minnie Mouse version of the ornament also has her in a glass dome, wearing a Santa-inspired outfit.

A small model train is placed at her feet, as well as a dog-shaped toy.

The back of this ornament also says “Holiday Greetings.”

Disneyland Resort Holiday Logo T-Shirt – $39.99

Keep it classic with this maroon Disneyland Resort logo T-shirt. The logo is designed to look like green leafy garland. A red bow is attached to the Disneyland “D.”

The back of the shirt is blank.

Mickey-Shaped Holiday Wreath – $59.99

If you’re in need of more Disney-themed holiday décor, a Mickey-shaped wreath is available.

Reversible Tree Skirt – $84.99

This reversible tree skirt includes two designs for the price of one.

One side has a white, yellow, gray, and red plaid with Mickey head accents.

The skirt is clasped together with wooden buttons.

The other side is a red quilted material with Mickey shapes throughout.

Tree Skirt – $79.99

We saw this reversible tree skirt in the Home Store.

It’s 52 in. x 52 in. or 132 cm x 132 cm.

One side has red and white triangular stripes spreading out from the center.

Mickey-shaped ornaments are at the end of the red stripes. Stars are on the white stripes.

It has pink buttons. Colorful pom-poms are on the edge.

The other side is solid red.

Villains Long Sleeved Shirt – $39.99

This long-sleeved white shirt reads, “Leave the gifts, take your cheer.” It features Scar in green Santa Claus gear, Maleficent with candy cane horns, and Jafar holding a gift.

What do you think of this year’s holiday and Christmas merchandise from Disneyland Resort? Are any of these must-buys for you? Let us know in the comments.

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