New Chip ‘n’ Dale Carrousel Castle Accessory Playset at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort has a new castle accessory playset inspired by King Arthur Carrousel and featuring Chip ‘n’ Dale. We found the toy at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District and at Big Top Toys in Disney California Adventure.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Carrousel Castle Accessory Playset – $29.99

The playset is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

The Chip ‘n’ Dale figures have movable arms and legs.

Chip, with his small black nose, is depicted with darker brown fur. Dale, with his red nose, is depicted with lighter brown fur.

The top of the carousel features blue Mickey heads between pink circles, against a white background with golden borders.

The playset has two white horses on a golden pole attached to a blue base. The horse in front has a red and teal saddle. They both have golden harnesses.

The carrousel is made to accompany the Sleeping Beauty Castle playset.

King Arthur Carrousel


Just like the playset, the real-life King Arthur Carrousel has white horses and gold detailing.


The attraction is inspired by the Griffith Park carousel, where Walt Disney conceived of the idea of Disneyland Park. The carousel that was eventually purchased was a Menagerie Carousel built by William Dentzel. It had been at Sunnyside Beach Park in Toronto, Ontario since at least 1922.

For use at Disneyland, the carousel was widened from three courses to four, with more carved wooden horses acquired from various carousels. Hand-carved wooden chariot benches were removed and elements of them were repurposed to decorate the Casey Jr. Circus Train. The carousel sits behind Sleeping Beauty Castle.

King Arthur Carrousel had major refurbishments in 1983 and 2003. During the first, it was moved slightly, given a new roof, and repainted. In 2003, the turntable platform was rebuilt, the carousel got a new computerized operating system, and a new bench and wheelchair clamps were added.

Each horse has a name. The lead horse and Walt’s favorite horse is called Jingles, named after its carved jingle bells hanging from its straps. Jingles was eventually given “Mary Poppins”-inspired details and dedicated to Julie Andrews.

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