Snow White & Nick Wilde Among Several New Disney Lorcana Character Cards Teased in League Play Update

A recent Disney Lorcana League play update released by Ravensburger has confirmed that several new iconic Disney characters will be introduced to the trading card game in its upcoming second chapter, “Rise of the Floodborn.”

Upcoming Disney Lorcana Characters Teased in New Document

Source: Ravensburger

The four-page document is intended for specialty shop owners who are hosting Disney Lorcana League play in their stores. The document provides information about the rules and intricacies of Disney Lorcana League play, with League points being among the various topics explored. Points can be awarded to players during League play for a variety of reasons, with the document listing winning or losing a match, wearing an article of clothing with a Disney character on it, and playing a “themed deck” as reasons why a player may potentially be awarded points.

When listing examples of themed decks that a player will be able to construct and deploy, Ravensburger revealed a few characters that will be introduced in “Rise of the Floodborn,” the game’s second chapter that will be released to local retailers on November 17 and widely on December 1.

Source: Ravensburger

The new characters teased in this bullet-point rundown include Winnie the Pooh, Snow White and each of the seven dwarves, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from 2016’s “Zootopia,” Sisu from 2021’s “Raya and the Last Dragon,” and Basil, Hiram Flaversham, and Mrs. Judson from 1986’s “The Great Mouse Detective.” Pain from 1997’s “Hercules” is also listed as a card — though the character was previously referenced on Panic’s card in Disney Lorcana, Pain currently does not have a card of his own.

Some of these characters (particularly Sisu, Winnie the Pooh, and Judy Hopps) were previously announced as “Rise of the Floodborn” additions to the game. For others (like Snow White and “The Great Mouse Detective” characters), this document is our first indication of their impending introduction.

Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana is a new Disney-focused trading card game created by Ravensburger. The company describes the game as an experience in which players can “wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble [their] team of Disney characters” on the official Disney Lorcana website, warning that “some characters will be familiar friends” while “others will be fantastically reimagined.”

“The First Chapter” was released at specialty stores and Disneyland Paris on August 18 and debuted at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts 10 days later, with demand leaving shelves empty at most locations. The game had its wide release on September 1, becoming available at general retailers and on shopDisney, where it’s still consistently sold out or in short supply.

Cards belonging to “The First Chapter” will be reprinted early next year in an effort to meet demand. The reprints will be identical to the originally issued cards in an attempt to lower inflated resale costs and provide enough product to reach everyone who wants to play.

The game has been generally well-received by audiences, earning a top-20 spot on Good Housekeeping’s Best New Toys 2023 list. Disney Lorcana will become available in 10 new countries in 2024.

Are you excited about the newly confirmed characters that will be introduced to Disney Lorcana in “Rise of the Floodborn?” Let us know in the comments.

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