VIDEO: Find Out If You Should Be a Disney Cast Member with The Co-Star Astrology Machine

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I become a Disney Cast Member?,” but weren’t sure what the answer would be, the Co-Star astrology machine in Los Angeles, California might be able to help.

Co-Star Astrology Machine Offers Readings on Becoming a Disney Cast Member

Image Source: @maxxkennedyy on TikTok

Co-Star, an astrology app that launched in 2017, has developed a machine that can provide astrology readings through the use of AI chatbots like ChatGPT and other technologies, according to Business Insider.

The machine was originally located in New York City, and can currently be found at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Image Source: @maxxkennedyy on TikTok

TikTok user @maxxkennedyy visited the machine at The Grove and posted a video about it to their account.

Image Source: @maxxkennedyy on TikTok

To use the machine, users simply choose their question of choice, and input their birth chart information (which includes the month, day, year, time, and city in which a person was born).

Image Source: @maxxkennedyy on TikTok

After that, it takes just a moment for the machine to calculate your results and print out your reading of choice.

Image Source: @maxxkennedyy on TikTok

Among the prompts included in the machine is the question that occasionally finds its way into Disney fans’ minds: “Should I become a Disney Cast Member?”

The TikTok user didn’t end up choosing this option, but we’d love to know what the reading says if this is the question you ask! The machine is free to use.

You can watch the original TikTok from @maxxkennedyy below:

Are you in the Los Angeles area? Have you visited the Co-Star astrology machine and asked it if you should become a Cast Member? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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