Disneyland Resort Updates Pin Trading Guidelines to Restrict Non-Lanyard Trading, Ban Using Benches for Display

Disneyland Resort updated their pin trading guidelines to ban the use of benches to display pins and to restrict when and where non-lanyard trading is allowed.

Updated Pin Trading Guidelines

The pin trading guidelines, which can be found on the Disneyland Resort website, now state that “Benches or any other structures for the display of pins will not be permitted. Benches are for seating purposes only.”

Previously, select benches in Frontierland were used as a designated trading area. Benches were not taken from guests looking to sit to be used as a trading location.

Additionally, pin trading outside of the use of a lanyard (with pin books, for example) is now only allowed in Disneyland Park near Westward Ho Trading Company, as directed by a Cast Member, from park opening to 3:00 p.m.

We spotted these pin trading tables in Frontierland earlier today. There were tables located on either side of the walkway that were designated as tables specifically to be used for pin trading with signs.

Read the full guidelines from Disneyland Resort below.

Pin Trading Etiquette

  • Official Disney Pins
    Only official Disney pins may be traded. The main criteria when judging whether a pin is tradable or not (although other factors may be considered) is that the metal pin bears a “©Disney” mark on the back, representing an official Disney event, place, location, character or icon. A Disneyland Resort Cast Member may determine not to trade a pin in their discretion.
  • Pin Condition
    Pins should be in good, undamaged, tradable condition with the pin backing attached.
  • Safety
    For a safe trading experience, please trade one pin at a time.
  • Trading Maximum
    Guests may trade a maximum of 2 pins per Cast Member or trading board, per day.
  • Ask First
    Please refrain from touching the pin or lanyard of a Cast Member or Guest. If you need a closer look, kindly ask the Cast Member or Guest wearing the lanyard to bring it into clearer view for you.
  • Not Exchangable for Trade
    Monies, gifts, vouchers or receipts may not be exchanged or used to trade for a pin.
  • Okay to Trade
    • When trading with a Cast Member, Guests should offer a pin that is not currently displayed on the Cast Member’s lanyard or trading board
    • Pins from other business units of The Walt Disney Company (e.g., ABC, ESPN) may be traded, as determined by the Cast Member
    • Operating participant pins that show a Disney, Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort affiliation are generally accepted for trading
  • Not Okay to Trade
    • Unauthorized pins, plastic pins, rubber pins or other nonmetal pins
    • Personalized name pins
    • Brooch-style or clasp pins
    • Disney Service Award pins, Disney Legacy Award pins, Spirit of Disneyland Resort pins, Partners in Excellence pins or Cast Member costume pins (i.e., Host/Hostess Badges, Disney Trainer)

Pin Trading Location
Guest Pin Trading, outside of the use of a lanyard, will only be permitted in Disneyland Park near Westward Ho Trading Company, as directed by a Cast Member or a sign with the exact location, from park opening to 3:00 PM daily (subject to change).

  • Limit the Items You Bring
    Only one trading bag, 14″L x 12″W x 6″H (36cm x 31cm x 16cm) or smaller, is permitted. Guests should only utilize a single trading bag for pin trading activities. No additional decorations or collateral (e.g., lights, signage, displays, etc.) will be permitted.
  • No Use of Benches
    Benches or any other structures for the display of pins will not be permitted. Benches are for seating purposes only.
  • Attend to Your Items
    Traders must stay with their items for the entire time they are displaying or trading.

Valid Disneyland park admission and reservation required. Park reservations are limited and not guaranteed. Disney Pin Trading guidelines are subject to change without notice. Guests suspected of abusing the guidelines may be subject to, among other things, removal from the Disneyland Resort premises.

What do you think of this change to pin trading at Disneyland Resort? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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