Full List With Prices for Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn TCG Products Now Available at Disneyland Resort

In their continued commitment to getting Lorcana product in the hands of players, Ravensburger has made Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn available to local game stores beginning today, a full two weeks before the mass market release date. In addition, Rise of the Floodborn products are also available today in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort.

Rise of the Floodborn Amethyst & Steel Starter Set – $16.99

This starter deck contains everything you need to begin playing Disney Lorcana. If you’re just starting out, you can play Lorcana with any starter deck.

This set is Amethyst and Steel ink colors, which relate to the play style of the game.

Inside the package, an additional booster pack is included with the starter deck. Inside the box, in addition to the starter deck, is a paper playmat with a tracker token, damage counters, and detailed game rules.

The side of the box details all of the cards contained within the starter deck.

Rise of the Floodborn Amber & Sapphire Starter Set – $16.99

This is the other starter deck released for Rise of the Floodborn, and it also contains everything you need to begin playing Disney Lorcana.

A new player can play Lorcana with any starter deck without having to build their own deck. The package contains a paper playmat, game tokens/counters, game rules, and a booster pack of 12 randomized cards.

This set is Amber and Sapphire ink colors, which informs the style of play for this set of cards.

The side of the package details the cards contained within the starter set.

Rise of the Floodborn Booster Pack – $5.99

This booster pack contains 12 cards for Rise of the Floodborn. One of those cards will be a holographic foil card. All 204 cards in the Rise of the Floodborn release have a foiled variant.

The 12 cards contained within the pack are unrelated to the image on the packaging of the booster, which may be one of three different designs. The cards are random inside the pack and may be any combination of the six ink colors.

Players use these boosters to modify the decks of cards that they use to play the game; different cards have different rarities, powers, and special abilities to keep every Disney Lorcana game fresh. These cards can be mix-and-matched with all cards released thus far for Disney Lorcana, creating the ultimate player deck.

Rise of the Floodborn Downtown Disney Release

This morning, Rise of the Floodborn is available in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort. Unlike the release at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort, the Downtown Disney District release did not include the Disney Lorcana Disney100 Gift Sets.

The release at Downtown Disney is available at Pin Traders, as announced by the official X page for Disney Lorcana, along with release availability at Disney Springs, Storybook Store at Disneyland Paris, and Disney retail stores including Times Square in New York City.

When we arrived this morning at Downtown Disney District, there was a queue for purchases at Pin Traders, where the Rise of the Floodborn merchandise is being sold.

These guests were waiting for Rise of the Floodborn.

Umbrellas in the area provided shade for guests waiting in line.

When it was our turn to buy, we saw that starter decks and booster packs were available to purchase, with each item limited to two per guest. The Disney100 Collector’s Edition Gift Sets were not available.

We noticed the purchase limits on a price sheet. Though not listed, there were also booster packs available for sale. The addition of booster packs is a change with this release; for the initial First Chapter release, Downtown Disney District only sold starter decks and gift sets. Subsequent restocks were the same, with no booster packs available for that release.

Rise of the Floodborn Backstory

As the new chapter of Disney Lorcana is released, Ravensburger has released some more plot to the game, explaining what Floodborn glimmers (characters) are and the cinematic story that led Illumineers (players) to this point. Between “flavor text” on the cards, short comic-style videos with high production quality, and an interview with the story lead, the Inklands in the Realm of Lorcana are beginning to take shape.

Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana launched earlier this year to great audience reception and demand. Both physical and digital retailers initially had difficulty keeping product on the shelves, prompting Ravensburger to announce that it will reprint cards from “The First Chapter” early next year to meet demand. The reprints will be identical to the originally issued cards in an attempt to lower inflated resale costs and provide enough product to reach everyone who wants to play.

The game was also well received by critics, earning a top-20 spot on Good Housekeeping’s Best New Toys 2023 list. Disney Lorcana will become available in 10 new countries in 2024.

Disney Lorcana’s second chapter, Rise of the Floodborn, will contain 204 cards. You can preview them all here.

A third chapter of Disney Lorcana is set to release early next year. Check out our recent interview with seven different Disney Lorcana artists here:

Do you hope to pick up cards from Disney Lorcana’s new Rise of the Floodborn chapter at Downtown Disney? Let us know in the comments.

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