More Disneyland Resort Holiday 2023 Merchandise Including Ear Headbands, Loungefly Bag, Pajamas, and More

Deck the halls because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Disneyland Resort. More holiday merchandise, from ear headbands to pajamas to plush, is now available at World of Disney and the Emporium.

Plaid Ear Headband – $34.99

The first new ear headband has a mainly red plaid pattern.

The red velvet bow in the center is decorated with gems and pearls.

The headband itself is wrapped in the same plaid fabric.

Loungefly Mini Backpack – $78

The pleather Loungefly mini backpack features a plaid pattern with velvet lining around the zippers and matches the headband above.

A pair of Mickey ears sticks out of the top.

The straps are solid red.

The interior lining is red with snowflakes and Mickey heads.

Light-Up Ear Headband – $39.99

This pleather ear headband is black with Disney characters and ornaments on the ears.

There are small lights beneath gems on the ears.

The puffy bow is made of a gold fabric.

The characters are featured on the front and back.

The ear headband is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord that plugs into the back of the headband.

The headband itself is solid black pleather.

Snowman Ear Headband – $34.99

These fuzzy ears resemble snowmen with Mickey ears of their own. The snowmen are both wearing red Santa hats and striped scarves.

Their coal eyes and mouth, and carrot nose are embroidered.

The two snow mickeys sit on top of the headband.

The exterior of the headband is the same fuzzy fabric as the ears.

Crewneck Sweatshirt – $64.99

This soft green crewneck is embroidered with white snowflakes and features an image of Mickey and Minnie in Santa-inspired outfits with a stack of presents.

“Disneyland” is embroidered below the image.

Womens Pajamas – $59.99

The family pajamas are all green and white plaid. The adult sets include long-sleeve button-up shirts and pants.

This shirt has Daisy and Minnie on the left breast.

Mens Pajamas – $59.99

This shirt features Mickey and Donald.

Youth Nightgown – $39.99

This nightgown has puffy sleeves and a collar.

Daisy and Minnie are on the chest.

Youth Pajamas – $29.99

The youth pajamas set features Mickey and Donald.

Snowman Cookie Jar – $64.99

Keep your cookies safe before Santa arrives with this snowman-shaped cookie jar. The snowman is wearing a Santa hat and Mickey ears. It has a shiny finish and the head lifts off.

The jar is stoneware and 1,758 mL / 62 oz. It is now safe for the dishwasher or microwave.

Cookie Cutter Set – $24.99

There are five cookie cutters in this set. The largest two are shaped like Mickey and Minnie ornaments. The medium-sized one is shaped like a simple orb ornament. The smallest two are shaped like a Mickey head and Minnie bow.

Measuring Cups Set – $39.99

This set of measuring cups stack up to look like a decorated tree on top of a pink saucer.

The cups are covered in ornaments and candy canes.

A gold star is on the top piece.

Pie Plate – $29.99

The pie plate is white, with green sides. It features an image of Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto in front of a decorated tree and Disney castle.

Tea Towel – $19.99

The tea towel is white with Pluto, Mickey, and Donald pictured in ornaments.

“Jolly Holly Days to You!” is printed on a red ribbon.

There are also blue snowflakes and pom-poms on the edge.

Oven Mitt & Spatula – $24.99

This set includes a silicone oven mitt decorated with ornaments and a snowman-shaped spatula.

Apron – $34.99

The apron is candy cane striped with green straps.

The white pocket on the front has an image of Minnie with the words “The most magical time of year.”

Tree Collar – $89.99

A tree collar is an alternative to a tree skirt.

This one is red plastic, with several Disney characters pictured around it.

There are also snowflake touches and the outline of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Candle – $39.99

A gingerbread-scented candle comes in this Mickey ornament-shaped holder. A white snowflake is on one side and a green ribbon is on top.

Votive Holder – $29.99

The matching votive holder has a castle opening on the front and a wide mouth on the back for placing a candle inside.

It’s green with a red ribbon.

Bottle Stoppers – $24.99

There are two golden bottle stoppers in this set. One has a figure of Chip in a red Santa suit on top, while the other has Dale wearing green.

Silverware Holders – $29.99

These adorable mini stockings are meant for holding silverware.

The stockings are green with red tops. Each features a different Disney character pictured inside an ornament.

The characters are Pluto, Donald, Mickey, and Minnie.

Tiered Serving Tray – $64.99

This serving tray resembles a decorated tree with two flat tiers and one topped with a star.

The tiers are green and painted with ornaments. Tinker Bell is pictured on top.

Photo from Walt Disney World

Plates – $39.99

There are four plates, each featuring a different character, in this set.

The plates are green (Mickey), pink (Minnie), red (Dumbo), and blue (Simba).

Bowl – $29.99

The serving bowl is green with pictures of Mickey & Friends around the outside.

It’s stoneware and 2,557 mL / 90 oz.

Mickey Candy Cane Sweater – $69.99

These sweaters are striped red and white like candy canes.

Mickey, wearing a Santa hat, is on the chest of this sweater.

Minnie Candy Cane Sweater – $69.99

The second adult sweater features Minnie wearing a Santa hat.

Youth Minnie Sweater – $49.99

The youth sweater features Minnie.

Youth Cardigan – $49.99

This cream-colored cardigan is decorated with snowflakes and Minnie on the left breast. There are two pockets on the front and a V-neck leading to buttons.

Cardigan – $59.99

The adult cardigan has the same design.

Youth Coat – $59.99

Kids can wear this stylish coat with faux fur lining.

A silver Mickey head is embroidered on the left breast. It has silver buttons.

The interior lining features golden snowflakes.

Youth Button-Up – $44.99

The youth button-up is green with yellow Mickey heads dotted across it.

Youth Outfit – $34.99

This outfit includes a fuzzy white sweater featuring Minnie on the chest and a red pleated skirt.

It also comes with infant socks that resemble red Mary Janes.

Bruno Long-Sleeved Shirt – $39.99

Bruno from “Encanto” is wrapped in holiday lights on the chest of this shirt.

It reads, “You’re the real gift, kid,” which Bruno says to Mirabel at the end of the film.

Long-Sleeved Shirt – $54.99

This white shirt reads “The Most Magical Time of Year.”

The image on the front is of Mickey, a holiday tree, and a castle.

“Disneyland” is down the left sleeve in green.

Tee – $34.99

This tee is covered in images of wrapped gifts, plus Peter Pan and Stitch flying across the chest.

Genie and Mickey are on the back.

Turtleneck – $44.99

The turtleneck has an all-over pattern of character-inspired ornaments.

Youth Stitch Sweater – $39.99

The Stitch sweater is Navy blue with light blue snowflakes.

Stitch is pictured on the chest driving his red spaceship, which has a light blue bow on the front.

Onesie – $34.99

Is it your baby’s first Christmas? This onesie is perfect for the occasion as it reads “My 1st Christmas” on the chest.

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, and Daisy are gathered around the words.

Youth Santa Outfit – $29.99

Little kids can also dress up like Santa with this red sweatshirt and pants combo. Mickey is pictured on the chest and the edges are lined with white faux fur.

Youth Pajamas – $29.99

As visions of sugar-plums dance in their heads, kids can stay cozy with this blue pajama set.

The top and bottom are patterned with images of Mickey & Friends enjoying the holiday season with a decorated tree, presents, and snow.

Pet Pajama Shirt – $29.99

The pet pajama shirt feature the same pattern and white buttons.

Ball Cap – $29.99

Santa Mickey is smiling on the front of this ball cap.

The hat is a heathered white.

Mickey’s autograph is in red above the strap.

Santa Ear Headband – $34.99

You can also channel Santa Mickey with this ear headband. The headband and ears are plain black, while a red and white Santa hat sits on top.

The arms of the headband are solid black.

Santa Ear Bucket Hat – $34.99

If it’s too chilly for a headband, keep warm with this plush bucket hat. It’s red with white fur trim adorned with holly and Mickey-shaped berries.

A pair of black Mickey ears sticks out of the top.

The interior is green with an all-over pattern of ornaments.

Beanie – $19.99

Also a bit of a departure from the standard headband, here’s a knitted beanie featuring pine trees — some covered in snow — against a snowy blue background.

Mickey is on the front against a green stripe featuring large snowflakes.

A red pom-pom is on top.

Stocking – $19.99

If your kid is also in need of a stocking, this one is for all the babies celebrating their first Christmas. Mickey and Minnie are pictured on the red silk stocking with “My 1st Christmas 2023.”

It has green piping and white faux fur.

DIY Bracelet Kit – $24.99

Make stocking stuffers for all your friends with this DIY bracelet kit including charms, beads, and strings in holiday colors.

Mickey Ornament Bag Charm – $14.99

This pleather bag charm resembles a Mickey ornament complete with mouse ears and his red shorts.

Photo Frame Magnet – $14.99

The photo frame magnet is also shaped like a Mickey ornament, with three other ornaments featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Dumbo on the sides. It fits a 2″ x 3″ photo.

Snow Globe – $29.99

The snow globe has a pink base. Inside the globe are figures of Mickey, Minnie, and a decorated tree.

Mickey & Friends Ornament Set – $49.99

There are five ornaments in this set: Mickey holding a gift, Minnie with a sack of presents, Goofy with a plate of food, Pluto, and Donald.

Christmas Countdown Figure – $54.99

The countdown figure depicts Sleeping Beauty Castle with a layer of snow across it — just like in real life.

Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto are at the base. It includes two numbered blocks that can be moved to count down to Christmas.

Peppermint Bark – $19.99

Enjoy some peppermint bark in this tin featuring Disney characters.

Candy Bars – $15.99

A set of five candy bars is also available. They are dark chocolate peppermint crunch, dark chocolate sea salt, milk chocolate, milk chocolate marshmallow, and eggnog flavored.

Hot Cocoa – $14.99

The next treat is a trio of Mickey’s Cocoa tins flavored double chocolate, chocolate s’mores, and peppermint twist.

Chocolate Advent Calendar – $14.99

You can enjoy a new piece of candy every day as you count down to Christmas with this advent calendar.

Rice Crispies – $13.99

These rice crispies are topped with red and green frosting and sprinkles.

They come in bundles of three.

Cotton Candy – $6.50

The last treat is “North Pole Cotton Candy” with a candy cane flavor and Goofy pictured on the tub.

Mug & Coaster – $29.99

This set includes a green mug covered in images of Mickey & Friends.

The coaster is white, like a snowy landscape, with 3-D figures of Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Dumbo, and Stitch celebrating the holidays together.

Teal Mug – $19.99

This mug is teal blue with an all-over embossed pattern of Mickey heads.

Pink Mug – $19.99

This pink mug features the same embossed Mickey pattern.

Greeting Cards – $19.99

This set includes 16 greeting cards, envelopes, and stickers.

The four card designs feature Stitch, Donald with his nephews, Mickey and Minnie, and Pluto and Chip ‘n’ Dale.

Gift Tags – $12.99

There are 24 gift tags in this set, with four designs.

One is red with a holiday tree, one is green with Mickey and Minnie, one is pink with character-inspired ornaments, and one is blue with Pluto, Chip, and Dale.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Plush – $34.99

Speaking of those mischievous chipmunks, they are available as a pair of plush with their hands attached, wearing Santa outfits.

Chip is in a red tunic with a blue hat.

Dale is in a blue tunic with a red hat.

Weighted Eeyore Plush – $44.99

The holiday version of the weighed Eeyore plush will keep you relaxed this winter.

Eeyore is in red footie pajamas with green feet and zig-zag white stripes.

He’s also wearing a Santa hat.

A green bow is on his tail.

Stitch Plush – $29.99

Stitch is keeping warm in a green sweater with a red zig-zag stripe across the chest.

He’s wearing a red and green mistletoe-inspired headband.

Light-Up Necklace – $24.99

The light-up necklace resembles large string lights.

The lights are red, green, and white. Some are shaped like standard bulbs, while others are Mickey-shaped.

Disney Princess Ornament Set – $34.99

This ornament set features six different Disney princesses, each represented on a colorful Mickey head with a symbol. Above, you see Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Snow White’s designs on the ornaments.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Ornament Set – $89.99

This figural ornament set features one character on each ornament. The set includes Snow White, Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey, Bashful, Doc, Happy, and Sleepy. Each stands on a carved base and could be displayed on a shelf or hung by the included hangers.

Ornament Stand – $39.99

If you’d like to display a couple of ornaments without setting out a whole tree, this ornament stand will make any table space feel more festive.

The base of the stand is a weighted Mickey head.

Ornament Set – $49.99

This year’s art design features Mickey & friends from several other Disney films; this ornament set has figures of Dumbo, Simba, Tinkerbell, The Genie, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Cheshire Cat, and Stitch.

Bauble Ornament Set – $39.99

This ornament set actually features Mickey and Minnie art from last year’s holiday collection, so if you stocked up, this might be a great matching supplement to your tree.

Donald Duck Musical Figurine – $74.99

This musical figurine plays “Deck The Halls” when you wind it. Huey, Dewey, and Louie circle around Donald as the music plays.

Animated Snow Wand – $34.99

This Mickey bubble wand is a park classic, now with some added festive cheer.

Santa Mickey tops the wand, which is red, white, and green-striped.

The handle of the wand is red. The tag indicates the wand plays, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

A switch on the back allows you to turn the wand on and off.

Ornament Wreath – $59.99

This ornament wreath is wire-framed and features a variety of colorful ornaments in all different sizes to build the shape of Mickey’s head.

The ornaments included in the design are glitter, matte, and gloss finishes.

Will you be bringing home some of these pieces to celebrate the season? Which new holiday headband is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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