PHOTOS: Disneyland Lamppost Support Pole Was Rusted Inside Before Falling and Injuring Multiple Guests

Close-up photos shared by a WDWNT reader show the rusted interior of the lamppost that fell over at Disneyland on Monday, injuring three people.

Rusted Disneyland Lamppost

The lamppost was likely knocked over by high winds in Southern California yesterday, but these photos show that the post’s interior support was already thoroughly rusted through and possibly broken before the wind caused it to fall.

Our reporter saw the lamppost on the ground Monday morning and noted two injured guests. Anaheim Fire & Rescue later announced that three people were injured and the wind was a likely cause. Deadline reported that one of the guests injured was taken to an area hospital to be treated for serious injuries, and the other two guests were treated at the scene and released.

The lamppost was not a standard themed lighting fixture but held show lighting for parades. It fell in the town square on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland.

During the course of the day, crews investigated similar lampposts, added cables to secure them, and in at least one case, cases removed the show lighting fixtures from the pole. Some performances of Mickey’s Happy Holidays, Disney Viva Navidad, and Tale of the Lion King at Disney California Adventure were canceled due to inclement weather.

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