PHOTOS: More Walls Down in Mickey’s Toontown as Refurbishment Continues at Disneyland Park

Most of the construction walls around CenTOONial Park are down in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park, as the land continues to undergo various refurbishments despite reopening just earlier this year.

Mickey’s Toontown

CenTOONial Park reopened to guests following its refurbishment on October 30, 2023.

The tree play area here is welcoming guests once again, offering a place to sit back and relax or play among the winding roots.

However, Goofy’s How-to-Play Yard remains closed for refurbishment until Friday, November 10. It closed the day that CenTOONial Park reopened.

As a result, the area is blocked off by giant green scrim instead of the blue Toontown construction walls. Since these photos were taken, a new blanket-like tarp featuring Powerline was added to the treehouse in Goofy’s yard.

There are still walls around the CenTOONial Park Fountain. They initially went up in September.

A sign on the construction walls reads, “We’ll be done real soon!”

Much of Goofy’s yard behind the white fence here is cordoned off with green scrim.

This short section is surrounded by blue construction walls instead of the scrim.

Donald’s Duck Pond is also blocked by green scrim and construction walls.

This section of Mickey’s Toontown is scheduled to reopen on the same day as Goofy’s How-to-Play Yard — November 10 — according to the Disneyland Resort operating hours calendar.

Mickey’s Toontown Refurbishment

Despite reopening after its reimagining earlier this year, Mickey’s Toontown has been undergoing various temporary closures to refresh the land’s artificial turf.

The various updates are to address issues with the turf, as well as water features and rubber flooring. For CenTOONial Park, the closure was specifically to adjust the soft surface around the Dreaming Tree, repair a leak under the fountain, and replace a portion of turf with brick pavers. The latter fix is at a crossing point where guests would walk, and made it hard for kids to play on the turf.

The interactive Mickey and Minnie fountain has seen issues before. New elements were added in July and some effects were not working properly until August.

In Goofy’s How-to-Play Yard, more play elements will be added and repaired. Back in June, spring riders were removed from the yard and in May, a birdhouse was removed.

Though the water play area of Donald’s Duck Pond did open in March after the rest of the land, it has since been closed.

Disneyland officials have previously said that they hope to have construction work done by early November. Based on the appearance of the land at this point, it appears that they could make that deadline.

Are you excited to see the refurbishment and construction eventually come to an end in Mickey’s Toontown? What do you think of the land’s reimagining? Let us know in the comments.

Watch our tour of the reimagined land:

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