PHOTOS: New Mid-Century Holiday Décor Package Debuts at Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel has a new holiday décor package inspired by the kind of mid-century design featured throughout the hotel and Disneyland Resort. This “Winter Wonderland” was designed and art directed by Hayden Evans, who posted on X about the new package.

Disneyland Hotel Holiday Décor

The new decorations include a mural, sign overlay, entrance rug, and banners lining Magic Way.

Source: Hayden Evans

Evans’ shared an image of the sign that includes decals on the blocks behind the letters.

When we visited, however, those decals were not on the blocks.

The letters had been updated with decals that make them light blue with snow falling across them.

The background decals may not be ready for permanent installation yet.

A new rug leads to the main entrance of Disneyland Hotel. It’s dark blue with a lighter blue center, so it resembles a frozen lake.

It’s covered in retro snowflakes, and ice skates are in the corner.

“Disneyland Hotel” is in the center of the rug in white gothic lettering, with filigree in the first letters of each word. This is actually the original Disneyland Hotel typeface.

Some of the rug’s snowflakes are white, while some are dark blue and others have pink accents.

Decals are across the front windows and doors of each tower. These depict a white and blue scene of trees in a hilly landscape with snow swirling around.

In the lobby, Sleeping Beauty Castle is in the middle of this new mural, with snow-covered trees to the sides.

Fireworks go off in the night sky around the castle. “Disneyland Hotel” is on a blue ribbon between two towers at the front of the mural.

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