PHOTOS: New Theming Added to Baymax and Hiro Meet and Greet Area at Disney California Adventure

New theming has been added to Baymax and Hiro’s meet and greet area in San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure, and we were there to check them out.

More Theming Added to Baymax and Hiro Meet and Greet

The first new addition is a new recycling bin off to the left of the meet and greet area.

Inside the bin are spare “wheels” for Go Go Tomago’s hyper-cycle.

The wheels are yellow with purple accents. It appears that there are three wheels in the bin.

The other new additions are these three posters by the door that Baymax and Hiro exit from to get to the meet and greet.

The posters appear to be an advertisement for an anime television show, an issue of the San Fransokyo Tribune, and

This poster appears to advertise a mech anime, and reminds us of “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” The poster reads, “El Layecks,” followed by Japanese characters and “TVSF Network Tuesday 8PM.”

The middle poster is the front page of the San Fransokyo Tribune. The main headline reads, “San Fransokyo Square kicks off month-long celebration with ‘Big Hero 6 Day’ campaign.”

The third and final poster appears to be a movie poster, with “Here comes the fury of the chief” in a wide font on the far left. A mechanical creature towers in the center of the poster. The title of the film is written in Japanese characters.

What do you think of this new theming added to San Fransokyo Square? Have you visited the land since it opened in Disney California Adventure? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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