PHOTOS, VIDEO: “it’s a small world” Holiday Overlay Returns for 2023 Season at Disneyland Resort

It’s Christmastime once more, which means “it’s a small world” has reopened as “it’s a small world” Holiday in Disneyland Park. The attraction closed to receive its holiday overlay on October 23.

“it’s a small world” Holiday

A “Happy holidays!” sign has been added above the standard “it’s a small world” sign.

The clock face has its Santa hat.

There are white garlands with ornaments on the queue lampposts.

Though not turned on during the day, the topiary animals outside have Christmas lights on them.

More garlands are on the Cast Member operations stands.

A wreath with a gold boy welcomes guests into the attraction after they board.

Inside, there are decorations for various holidays, not just Christmas.

Standees in the first room depict Santa’s sleigh, presents, and toys.

Doll standees hold sparkling balloons featuring angels, holly, bells, and stars. More bells are on the white archway.

There are large snowflake flats and light-up decorations.

Santa’s house with a mailbox is in this snowy landscape.

A moose wears a Santa hat above a light-up wreath and garland in the Canada scene.

There are giant sprigs of holly, golden garland, and paper garland in the U.K. scene.

A “Season’s Greetings” banner hangs over the waterway.

The bridge is decorated with more garlands and wreaths.

Giant candles and gifts are on the ground around Alice and the White Rabbit.

There’s also a Christmas tree covered in candles.

A light-up sign on a crescent moon celebrates the incoming new year, 2024.

Baby new year is dangling from the moon.

Candy canes and lollipops adorn a gingerbread archway.

Holiday greetings are in different languages, like “Vrolijk Kerstfeest,” which means “Happy Christmas” in Dutch.

More candy flats hang from the ceiling.

There is a pair of gingerbread men above the mountains.

Giant fireworks appear to be going off in the Asia room.

There are rockets with lights streaming out of them and fireworks in the sky above the scenery.

“Afi shia pa” means “Happy new year.”

Light-up garland is across the waterway in this area.

There are also balls of light on the ground next to the dolls and animals.

A glowing red archway with three bells welcomes guests into the Mexico section with “¡Feliz Navidad!”

A postcard reading “Mele Kalikimaka” welcomes guests into the Hawai’i section.

Garlands made of bubbles are wrapped around the coral framing the Ariel doll.

Lights are wrapped around the palm trees.

Another archway once again proclaims “Mele Kalikimaka.”

“Ho ho holidays!” Santa’s silhouette, in his sleigh with his reindeer, is above the archway leading into the final room.

Woody has decorated a cactus like a Christmas tree with string lights.

In the final room, a giant light-up snowman holds up a “Happy holidays” sign beneath a sprinkling of snowflakes.

There are more garlands, and circular light-up decorations featuring elements from the previous rooms.

Icicle-like lights dangle from sprigs of holly throughout the room.

There are white snowflakes and golden bows on garlands.

A globe has a group of diverse people holding hands on top of it, with doves to the sides and “Peace on Earth” on a banner.

The final tunnel features giant holiday postcards from around the world.

Watch our video of “it’s a small world” Holiday 2023 below.

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