REVIEW: Portobello Mushroom Fries, Soda Pop Baby Back Ribs, & More on the Dinner Menu at Great Maple Restaurant, Now Open at Pixar Place Hotel

The recently-renovated Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort has opened the doors to its flagship restaurant, Great Maple. We were there on its first night and morning to try out a variety of items on the menu for dinner.

Great Maple Modern American Eatery Menu

The full Great Maple menu (without prices) was released last week.

It includes “Shares” (appetizers), “Sweets” (desserts), “Mains,” sandwiches and burgers, salads, and “Brunch Favorites.”

We ate dinner and then returned to Great Maple the next morning for brunch.

The drinks are on the back of the menu. There is a selection of beer and wine, cocktails, spirits, and hot drinks.

A glass bottle of water is left at the table for water refills.


Parmesan Truffle Fries – $15

truffle oil, sea salt, parmesan

The parmesan truffle fries were nothing too special. The first fry we tried had zero truffle or parmesan on it, so it just tasted like a regular fry. But we pulled our second from the bottom and found out where all the flavor went.

If we’re paying $15 for fries, we want flavor throughout. The fries were cooked well, just needed more truffle flavoring and parmesan on top.

Portobello Mushroom Fries – $21

parmesan, red pepper flakes, basil pesto aÏoli

Now the portobello mushroom fries are a different story. These are delicious. We think even people who don’t like mushrooms will enjoy them.

The breading on the outside is super crunchy and not too thick. They are seasoned well, almost like a vegan chicken tender.

When paired with the basil pesto aioli, these are a phenomenal shared dish.


Soda Pop Baby Back Ribs – $32

slow braised and grilled half rack, hot honey slaw, white cheddar biscuit

The baby back ribs are the star of the dinner show. We loved them.

From the sweetness of the sauce, to the bacon on top, to the tender meat, the ribs are delicious and great for meat-eaters.

The white cheddar biscuit is also amazing. It’s pillowy soft on the inside with a little bit of crunch on the outside.

This is overall an excellent dish, plus you get a lot of food.

Sandwiches & Burgers

Hot Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich – $26

buttermilk fried chicken, cabbage slaw, hot honey aÏoli, melted white American cheese. Includes choice of fries or field greens with champagne maple vinaigrette or substitute for parmesan truffle fries or mini caesar at an additional cost.

The chicken on the sandwich is perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And there’s a good amount on the sandwich.

The sauce was also a standout here. The hot honey aioli adds a lot of flavor to the sandwich. The bread is super soft, almost like a brioche bun.

This isn’t our favorite, but it’s another winner.

Ribeye Melt – $30

griddled ribeye, aged white cheddar, pesto aÏoli, red onions, arugula, tomato. Includes choice of fries or field greens with champagne maple vinaigrette or substitute for parmesan truffle fries or mini caesar at an additional cost.

The ribeye melt is also extremely flavorful with thinly cut meat, aioli, and onions.

It’s a delightful patty melt upgrade, with perfectly cooked meat and complementary toppings.

The bread is also great.

VBLAT – $26

a vegan twist on a GM classic: maple chili portobello ‘bake-on’, arugula, tomato, vegan cheddar, smashed avocado on toasted levain

We were surprised by the VBLAT, too. It’s actually a quite flavorful vegan sandwich.

Most of the flavor lies in the portobello mushroom, but the avocado and buttered sourdough add some great tastes as well.

This is a great vegan option and one of the better ones at Disneyland Resort in general.


Famous Maple Bacon Doughnuts – $18

three doughnuts made to order with signature maple bacon glaze

The maple bacon doughnuts are the pièce de résistance. From the second these hit the table, you can smell them and know immediately they’re going to be good.

The maple glaze is not only sweet and tasty, but it adds a shell on the outside that complements the softness of the dough. And then the bacon on the top? Absolutely amazing.

These are Great Maple’s “famous” maple bacon doughnuts for a reason — they’re the star of the entire meal.

Seasonal Doughnuts – $18

three seasonal doughnuts made to order

The seasonal doughnuts right now are apple cinnamon sugar and they were heavenly. Sugar is on the outside, and when mixed with apples and whipped cream, you really can’t go wrong.

They are served warm, which is a huge plus. The doughnuts are super thick and cake-like. They’re delicious.

Powdered Sugar Beignets – $17

with house-made lemon curd

The beignets are basically a square doughnut, given how thick they are. They are pretty average by themselves, but when dipped in the lemon curd, they’re so much better.

The lemon curd adds a tangy, cold sweetness to the beignets. This is what we think Tiana’s Palace was going for. They’re a wonderful treat.

You can check out our video and photo tour of Great Maple here.

Have you been able to visit Great Maple since it opened on November 15? Do you plan on visiting soon? Let us know which item you’re most excited to try in the comments.

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